Custom Made Substructure
Custom Made Substructure

Engineering Packet for Solara Architect Auto Cad Files for Solara Patio Cover

In this page you can find some of our more professional data for our Adjustable Patio Covers.

Auto CAD File for Solara Patio Covers
This auto cad file contains 10’x10’ patio cover. 10’x12’ patio cover, and 12’x12’ you can download directly to your data base our patio cover design and dimension and the contact information.

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Engineering Packet for Solara Patio Covers
With this file you can download the engineering packet for the Solara Patio Covers that will help you design it for snow loads and wind loads in your area. It will also help you determine the span between the rafters, posts and support beam.

  • The Solara Patio Cover System weighs approximately 1.2lbs/sf
  • You can design the Solara Patio Cover system between 10-70 psf (wind load and snow load)
  • The posts support beam and rafters are made from extruded aluminum
  • The Solara Louvers are made from roll formed aluminum
  •  The Solara Rafters can be attached up to infinity however the Solara Louver cannot be longer than 23’ long
  •  To design the Solara System to be water proof you will need a slope, the bigger the slope is the better the water proof will be
  • You can design almost any curve that you want for your patio cover (triangle, round, gable)
  • You can design your patio cover on almost any kind of structure such as aluminum, metal, concrete, etc.
  • For any additional information, or help with planning or design, or whatever you may need please contact us.

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