Adjustable Patio Cover VS Lattice Patio Covers


With an adjustable patio cover from Solara, you can enjoy the benefits of both the sun and shade. You can open the adjustable patio cover with either a manual pulley or a remote-operated motor to enjoy a sunny day, and control the amount of sunlight you get at any one time. You can also close it when the weather is not so pleasant for a tightly sealed shield from rain or snow. It will protect both you and your furniture from Mother Nature and still allow you to sit and relax outside.

Another benefit of an adjustable patio cover is its energy efficiency. It increases air circulation and gives you both shade and direct natural sunlight, which can lower energy costs for the household.

With a lattice patio cover you can only have one of the two benefits. If you have an open patio cover, or “pergola”, you still need to find covers for your patio furniture when bad weather strikes, which can get pretty pricey. With a closed patio cover you don’t get any direct natural sunlight or ventilation. Therefore, you don’t the benefit of energy efficiency.

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Here is an email from someone who is unsatisfied with their lattice pergola:

My husband picked up a pamphlet somewhere about your adjustable patio cover.
I am really interested in this product. I have a patio about 46′ x 20′.
I hate it. It is so useless. What is this called a pergola?
You want shade in the summer but can’t have it. It’s raining or snowing but no protection.
I would love to be able to sit outside while it’s raining or open my doors without shoveling the snow out of the way or getting some shade in the summer.
Could you please have someone give me an estimate as to how much one of your Solara systems would cost and what is involved in getting one installed.