Patio Covers: Aluminum Vs Wood

Aluminum Vs Wood


When making a choice that involves your house it becomes a really difficult choice. These days people are looking for patio covers and still don’t know what to choose either a Wood Patio Cover or an Aluminum Patio Cover. This is a great summary of the pro’s and cons of both options, and will hopefully help you decide on which one to go with.

When choosing a Patio Cover for your home you want to make sure on several things for example you might want an option with easy maintenance, or perhaps something not so costly.

Aluminum Patio Covers are easy to maintain. They don’t need much work to keep up with the maintenance. They can be cleaned with water and a soft sponge. Rain and sunshine will not affect the appearance of the aluminum patio cover. They don’t rust and you won’t have to worry about Termites. On the other hand with a Wood Patio Cover you need to maintain in yearly if not sooner. Rain and sunshine will deteriorate the patio cover, and there is always a chance of Termites. In order to maintain the well being and not have the look of your patio cover change you would have to paint it every year. Not to mention it can be tough to paint all the higher reach areas. Having a wood patio cover will be time consuming in order to maintain it.

When wanting to choose either one, you have to take in consideration where your house is located. If you are near water, let’s say the ocean, a wood patio cover wouldn’t last there, since its humid and the combination of salty water and sunshine would tremendously affect the look of your patio cover. It will absorb all the water in, and it will start to lose its color unless like mentioned above you paint it every year. An Aluminum Patio Cover would be great for any location, and being by the Ocean wouldn’t affect it.



When choosing an Aluminum Patio Cover you will be contributing to the well being of our earth. This is an eco-friendly product, which is recyclable. You will save a lot of money all year round when it comes to the maintenance part and you won’t need to use toxic chemicals to maintain the appearance of your patio cover.

You also have the option of choosing a color for your patio cover. With both Aluminum and Wood Patio Covers you can choose a variety of colors because of the UV protection we suggest a light color that will last longer and will be less affected by the elements.

In the summer times both aluminum and wood patio cover will give you 100% ventilation since it’s not a closed roof.

You also have to keep in mind a patio cover is an outdoor product, and you have to make sure you want to pick a durable product. For instance a Wood Patio Cover will absorb all the elements in like water and sun and this will fade the color and affect the wood. As for an Aluminum Patio Cover it is a durable outdoor product which you won’t have to worry about if it’s Sunny or about to rain. Water won’t damage nor affect it and never rust!

The durable wood that has been chemically processed will be more durable but usually can be more expensive than the aluminum patio cover. On the other hand if you are looking at a plain wood a thumb rule is it would be cheaper than an aluminum patio cover. If you are not looking for a short term solution, like renting a house, or won’t be there more than 3 years or so, you might consider a cheap wood patio cover that would be a smart purchase for a short time period.

After taking your time to research both options and reading this article you can decide which option fits you the most. If you don’t care about time and maintenance and want something low budget and fast choosing the Wood Patio Cover would be great. (If you are in a humid area, or close to the ocean you should reconsider this option. In these areas a wood patio cover would be greatly affected) However if you want something that won’t take up time for maintenance and will be around a humid area the best fit would definitely be the Aluminum Patio Cover. You can always be prepared even if it rains or not, the Aluminum Patio Cover won’t be affected.