Eco-Friendly Patio Covers

An eco-friendly product now a day is something everyone wants to have.
There are many advantages of having an Eco-Friendly product in your house. You can contribute in helping the planet, environment and your state by having an eco-friendly product on your own home. You can take a step to saving our planet!


Our patio cover is all made out of aluminum, they are recyclable, maintenance free, life time warranty, drain water to garden, give you light and heat in the winter, will give you shade and ventilation in the summer. Our patio cover will also give you in the summer natural light, which is cooler than the light inside your home due to the watts of your light bulbs. You will also be enjoying more time in your home spending more time with your family. Research shows that having a nice patio cover and or grill, garden you will spend less time out eating and you will be spending less gas and consuming less merchandise, helping the environment’s pollution.
On top of that it is maintenance free and has a life time warranty. You won’t have to use paint to retouch your patio cover which is toxic to our environment. It drains water to your garden, clean water back to nature and not to the dirty concrete.
Our patio cover gives 100% ventilation and shade. As per APS Electricity Company in AZ “Overhangs and awnings – These devices reduce cooling costs and improve comfort while maintaining good natural day lighting. They are most effective on south-facing windows and can be effective on east and west windows with proper design.



You can now help the environment by having an eco -friendly product, by consuming less energy in the states; it will take the United States being dependent on foreigner energy sources like Oil. By saving energy you aren’t just lowering the cost of utilities, but you are also saving the air and water to be cleaner, reducing pollution in the planet. You will also be helping our planet.

Purchasing an eco-friendly product will give you satisfaction of helping and giving back to our earth and state. It is also economic since you don’t have to do maintenance and will save you on cooling/heating (electric bill).


Solara Patio Cover will help you save on cooling and heating system, you will get up to 98% direct sun light into your house, and the shade from the patio cover will cool off your house. During the winter you can get direct sun light, and you won’t have to turn the lights on, by the way the most efficient light is the natural sun light. It is less consuming and it is better to open your shading structure and give the direct sun light into your home this will give you more light.
According to ASHRAE “During the heating season (winter) keep draperies and shades open during the day on your southern facing walls to allow sunlight to enter” Keep them closed at night to reduce heat loss and the chill or “draft” you may feel from cold windows.

It has been proven that overhangs, awnings exterior shades, shade screens, brushes, and trees can reduce unwanted heat gain to the house, especially on east and west windows. You can also find this on

the website ASHRAE . There are many sources where you can find information about Eco-Friendly products. These do several of these testing’s in independent laboratories.


You can ask your accountant about the Tax Credit that IRS has. There are many local energy companies that have also incentives if you purchase an Eco-friendly product. They can also offer rebates and incentives for energy-conscious purchases or home improvement.

As per ASHRAE you should contact your local energy provider for tax incentives for energy efficiency expenditures.