Fabric Vs Aluminum

Fabric Vs Aluminum

A lot of materials are used to make a patio cover, awning, gazebo, and shading structure such as metal, plastic and aluminum fabric. There is a variety to choose from and that might make it difficult when choosing the correct one. There are many things to take into consideration. In this article we will go over advantages and disadvantages of fabric awning vs. aluminum awning.


Most of the shading systems require some kind of structure, one of the greatest benefits of having a fabric awning is not having to use posts. With no posts you don’t have to worry about another step of installation, since there are no posts to install. This may also make your pergola look nicer. In most of the aluminum awnings you will require some kind of a structure. Although installing a structure might be more expensive and will need more labor, the benefit of having a structure is worth it. The aluminum awning will be much stronger, and a fabric awning will have to be closed during snow and high winds and this would mean that the fabric awning cannot provide protection during rain, snow or wind.
There are many colors to choose from when it comes to a Fabric Awning. It is easier to choose a color and have it made, than an aluminum awning. Since the aluminum awning will have to be powder coated, and that may take some extra time. You can choose from a dark blue to light beige for a fabric awning without any hesitation.
A big factor that comes up when choosing the correct patio cover for you house is the cost. Some may not want to spend more than an amount of money set to your budget. The low quality Fabric awnings, (since made of fabric) will be really cheap compared to an aluminum pergola.
If you are interested in installing a large awning, a fabric awning might become a problem since the projection usually cannot exceed more than 12’. In other words if you want a 14×14 pergola, you have no choice to use an aluminum awning. Aluminum awnings are usually custom made to your needs and fabric awning only come in standard sizes.


Having a fabric pergola during the summer will feel like the inside of a green house because you will have no ventilation. With an aluminum awning you can enjoy the shade and ventilation at the same time. While in the winter time when you want protection from the winds, snow and rain in most cases you will have to close it or you have that chance of the wind taking it apart. Aluminum awnings will resist winds and won’t be taken apart by the winds or snow. With an aluminum awning you will be able to enjoy a great summer and winter outside without having to worry about the wind, rain and snow.


Maintaining your awning is another thing you will have to do. With the fabric pergola you will have the risk of the color eventually fading; it can also be torn apart easily after all the elements go through, such as heat, rain and/or wind. With an aluminum awning you will not have to worry about maintenance. At most of the aluminum awnings the color will not fade, and the elements will not take the aluminum awning apart.
In conclusion if you are looking for a cheap small shading system and are located in not a hot/windy area you will be better off with a fabric pergola. On the other hand if you want something that is durable during summer and winter, protects you from the elements, provides you with shade and ventilation, has low maintenance and can last for a longer time, go with the aluminum pergola.