Louvered Roof System Direction

Louvered Roof System Direction

Solara customers need to understand which direction to run and open the louvers.
After you are sure of which direction the patio faces, use the following information to decide which way to position your patio cover.

  • Water will always run in the direction and slope of the louvers so it is best to pay attention to where the water will run off and avoid unwanted drainage. A rain gutter can be put on the last rafter with a 1″ overhang on the louvers, but most customers like the water to run off in a soft drizzle every 4″ from the louver ends. This also gives you the ability to curve or angle the ends louvers and show a nice overhang on the louvers.

  • For reference the louver opening direction it is the direction of sky you see as the louvers open. For example if the louvers are running East and West, as you open them you see the sky in the South then the opening direction is South, or they open to the South.

  • After water run-off is considered, the best opening direction is South because it lets the most light in and allows you to control the Shade.

  • The next best direction is East or West understanding that East gives you morning sun and West gives you afternoon sun.

  • The least desired direction to open the louvers is North because it does not let you control the shade and light. In some cases where your choices are limited you may need to open them to the North.

  • Other factors to consider are Longest louver length 23′ (rafters length is unlimited), slope, flashing, tall walls and trees that shade, and structures which drain on top of Solara.