Optional Parts

Optional Parts

Patio covers have many parts which consist of different functions.  The Solara patio cover has the adjustable louvers, rafters, and other miscellaneous pieces.   For instance, posts and beams can be part of the patio cover, as well as wind/rain sensors which will automatically close the patio cover’s louvers depending on the weather conditions and motors with remote controls or manual openers, which ever you decide works best with your needs.  The above mentioned patio cover parts are only a few of the materials that make up the Solara adjustable patio cover.


Post and Beams

The patio cover’s posts and beams are aluminum, which is also material used for the patio cover itself.   Many patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, etc. may be free standing which means no posts would be needed, however you may wish to replace existing posts made of maybe a different material or you may want to place new posts for your patio cover.  The posts have two different sizes you can choose from (8.5 and 10.5) and the support beams can also be optional and you can choose any size you need for your project.  For both posts and support beams, you can choose of any of the five standard colors or any customized color.

Remote Controlling Your Patio Cover

To open and close a patio cover successfully you will need either a motor with a remote control or a manual opener.  Remote controlling your patio cover can be practical since you will not have to do anything manually.  The motor consists of various components which come together to actuate your patio cover’s louvers to open or close.  The motherboard component from the motor will pick up the frequency in your remote which will cause the patio cover’s louvers to open and close as you wish.  The motor can also be activated with the rain and wind sensor by picking up the sensors signal.

Manual Openers

Manual openers on a patio cover can be very practical and easy to use.  A manual opener includes a hand crank which will be the tool you would use to open or close the patio cover’s louvers.  Usually the easiest way is to operate the patio cover with a motor; however having a manual operating system can be more economical.


rain and wind sensor can be optional.  If you live in a place where there is much precipitation like in Seattle Washington, or in Oregon, or maybe in a windy city like Chicago, IL having a wind/rain sensor installed in your patio cover can be beneficial.  Let’s say that for instance you happen to be out of town or away from your home and it begins to rain, your rain/wind sensor will instruct your patio cover to close automatically.  The same case would be it there is heavy wind or if it becomes extremely hot.  Once the sensor detects excessive heat, or heavy wind, it will automatically close your patio cover preventing damages to whatever is underneath.

A patio cover’s function is that of many things.  Your patio cover may provide you with sunlight, shade, protection against property damage, etc.  Remote controlling your patio cover can be just as practical as having a manual opening system.  A rain and wind sensor can also be a great asset to the patio cover since it can serve as a back up when you’re not home and need your patio cover’s louvers closed.