Patio Cover Design Color

Patio Cover Design Color

There are many colors to choose from when it comes to patio covers. Standard, custom, bright, dark, and neutral colors are available depending on what your style is. Choosing the correct one can be easier if you’re aware of some of the facts that will be stated in this summary. These facts can help you choose the color for your patio cover and the advantages or disadvantages it may have.

Choosing the Correct Color for Your Patio Cover

Matching the paint of your patio cover to the color of your doors, windows, tile, flooring, or stucco may be a good idea since it will give a better external appearance to your home. If your doors, windows, stucco, etc. are a darker shade, you may want to match them to your patio cover so that your home has a better view.

Selecting a bright color of paint for your patio cover will help the area seem more spacious as opposed to choosing a dark color which may give the impression of a smaller space and if you have a small area you might want to avoid this.

Durability of Colors

Considering that your patio cover will be exposed to the sun and all other weather conditions, choosing a brighter color may be a better choice, since brighter colors will not fade as much as darker colors and the paint will be more durable giving you a vivid color for a longer period. Although you should consider that when choosing a brighter color of paint for your patio cover, dirt and dust may be more noticeable than with a darker paint and if you want to prevent the frequent maintenance we suggest you choose a color like cameo or latte which will prevent the dirt to be more visible.

Bright Colors Absorb Less Heat

If you live in a city like Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, or Miami, FL where the weather is very hot, a bright color patio cover like white or cameo would be a good choice since it will absorb less heat than a dark colored patio cover. Darker colors attract more sunlight than lighter colors, and this makes your patio cover a hotter surface to touch.

If the weather where you live is colder like in New York or Boston, MA, you can choose to go with a darker color of paint for your patio cover since you will not have the same issues with the heat. Since the atmosphere is colder, a darker shade for your patio cover will be a good selection.


Sunlight on a shinny white patio cover may give you glare, so to prevent this, you should choose a different color of paint, even if you still want white you can go with the plain white color instead of a shinier color.


The cost to have your entire patio cover custom painted will vary from the standard pricing. It is recommended to paint only the beams and posts with a custom color and choose a standard color for the roof top which will make your total price much more economic. Time wise, custom color painting will delay a bit more than standard color since it will have to be sent to get painted.
Acknowledging these facts when choosing the color for your patio cover will help you decide favorably to your desire. Going with a bright color, can highly benefit you in many ways, from the durability of your patio cover’s paint to having a more spacious back yard. Choosing a standard color of paint will save you time and money. Whichever color you decide for your patio cover, Solara has a wide variety that will fit your needs.


 Standard Colors

Solara consists of five standard colors for your patio cover which are Latte, Cameo, White, Adobe, and Gray. However, there are more than one hundred custom colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for a more modern look for your patio cover you can go with the light gray color, if you want a traditional and classic color you could choose white or cameo which is a slightly yellowish shade. On the other hand, if your house is a darker color and you would like your patio cover to match, you can go with adobe or you can choose latte which is a bit lighter, and it is a tan, sandy color and will go well if the surroundings are the same color.