Patio Cover Direction

Patio Cover Direction


When designing your new patio cover kit you must take it into consideration which direction you want the patio cover to face. Many other patio cover kits allow you to either get full time shade or full time sun, without the option to adjust to fit the weather conditions. This will greatly affect the direction you choose to have your patio cover facing. With Solara, our shade systems are fully operational allow you to change from covered to open with the click a button. No matter what direction your patio cover faces, you can always achieve 100 percent shade. Even with our adjustable option, we still feel that you should take some considerations into which direction you have your patio cover face, to achieve more or less natural light at your discretion.

North Direction

Solara will not design a patio cover kit that faces to the north. The reason being is that there is no direct lighting that comes from this direction, rendering a useless patio cover. Sunlight will never hit a north facing wall

South Direction

Patio cover kit designs are most effective facing to the southern direction. The southern side of the house will get almost constant exposure from sun after sunrise to almost sunset. Facing south also allows more winter sun exposure. This is accomplished because the sun is lower, allowing more natural light to fill the area. This will be a great benefit when looking to save on heating costs during the winter. Direct sunlight will filter into your home providing warm natural light.

East Direction

If you cannot open it to either the south or the west we will design it to open to an eastern direction instead. This will be beneficial for early morning sun and earlier warming potential to the house. Your patio cover will also protect you from the intense late afternoon sun.

West Direction

If your patio covers kit design does not allow you to face a southern direction, we will open it to the west instead. During the hot summer a west facing patio cover will protect from the much hotter late afternoon sun. During the winter when the sun is lower, you will still be able to enjoy the late afternoon to evening sun’s warmth and natural light


No matter what direction you design your patio cover kit to be placed, using a Solara patio cover you can always close it and have fully shaded patio. Just keep in mind what you would like the patio cover to do for you. Do you want early morning sunlight and filter out late afternoon sun? Or do you want your patio cover to face a western direction and reap the benefits of the late afternoon sun? Whatever direction you need your patio cover to face, we can accommodate.