Patio Cover Styles, Size, and Shapes

Patio Cover Styles, Size, and Shapes

Patio Cover Styles, Sizes, and Shapes

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to covering your patio space. This is really a matter of designing what you want or how you want to use your patio. While you many use your patio for entertaining guests, you may also enjoy your backyard space yourself and your family. There is an easier way to get the most or best use from your patio space with a patio cover. Any time you can spend relaxing with your friends and family is time well spent and a patio cover can make this so much easier.

When deciding your patio cover’s design and shape you need to focus on what the function of the patio cover will be and where you will be installing it. Fretting about the patio cover’s details will not help since the basic structure is what matters most. The patio cover’s structure should consist mainly on its support, (posts or beams in which it will be held or mounted to a wall if it will be freestanding). Color is also important along with size and shape.

Styles and Colors

The style you choose for you patio cover is very important since it should complement its surroundings. Normally people will choose a classic style and color for a patio cover which is good, however there are many other ways to go. The standard Solara colors are fairly neutral and will accommodate to mostly all backyards. When selecting your patio cover’s color and style you should keep in mind that your home, surroundings, and exterior house appearance have very much to do with what the color and style for your patio cover should be.

Patio Cover Sizes

Like its colors, the size for a patio cover may also vary. There are small patio covers whose average size is around 10×10 and there are larger patio covers which could be around 15×15 or 20×20. Depending on where you want to install your patio cover, size is very important. You will need to take measurements accurately in order to design the plans or to sketch where your patio cover will be installed.

Shapes for Patio Covers

The shape for a patio cover may also change. Your patio cover’s shape will depend on where the structure will be built, and what the function of the patio cover will be. Usually patio cover’s shape would be a square or rectangular shape, however there are other options for alternating a square patio cover to perhaps a round or unusual shape top. You may want the structure to cover your patio space or outdoor kitchen area which could be square shaped, however the patio cover may have an unusual shape if it was to be placed above a pool area or maybe on the side of your house if you want a small side wall on your porch.

In conclusion, these topics are very important to take into consideration while planning on adding a patio cover to your home. Knowing that your patio cover’s shape may vary as well as the size and style is very helpful for you, since these are things that need to be considered. This structure will give your backyard the shade it needs, and it will allow you to enjoy your time in your backyard much more comfortably.