Solara VS American Louvered Roof System

Solara Vs American Louvered Roof Systems

With the evolution of shading systems, there is more and more shading systems and manufacturers making adjustable patio covers and louvered roof systems. The industry has moved from wood and fabric pergolas to aluminum lattice patio covers and to adjustable patio covers. For the end user, many louvered roof systems look the same and it’s easy to be confused about the different louvered roof systems that are in the market.
In this article we will go over the main difference between American Louvered Roof Systems and Solara Adjustable Patio Cover please be sure to ask the local representative about the difference and make sure you make the right decision for your needs.
When buying a high end expensive product, you should always look for manufacture’s experience. Solara Adjustable Patio Covers, came up with adjustable patio covers 25 years ago in Israel. American louvered roofs made their first patio cover 5 years ago. Solara Adjustable Patio Cover has many years of  experience with this type of product and fine-tuned the design their covers accordingly. Solara adjustable patio covers has had the time to perfect this product that American louvered roofs has just begun to experience.

Solara adjustable patio cover is an international company with branches all over the world. They have patio covers installed in Far East Europe, Middle East, and all across North, Central, and South America. Therefore, Solara adjustable patio covers are prepared for any weather elements. Far east like typhoons, dust storms from the far east, Scandinavian snow storms, Arizona’s sun, Caribbean’s wind load, and humidity of the Amazon. American Louvered roof systems have a national coverage with dealers in most states in the US.

Since Solara adjustable patio covers is an international company, which has sold covers over the world for 25 years, they have to had engineering and permits from different countries and elements. Solara adjustable patio cover have passed ICC approved laboratory tests, obtained an EU European code and an Israeli Tav Tekan. American louvered roof systems have generic engineering for most of the states in the US.

Solara adjustable patio cover has a limited lifetime warranty for the aluminum parts and 15 years warranty on the mechanism parts. American louvered roofs have limited lifetime warranty on their extruded parts and 10 years warranty on their mechanism. Please keep in mind, that American louvered roofs has only been in the market 5.

Solara adjustable patio cover carries 2 types of louvered roof systems. Our light weight roll formed aluminum louver system, which is engineered for light weight structures with a light live load that can be very affordable, and an aluminum extruded louver for heavy snow loads and commercial applications. American louvered roof systems only carry the heavy aluminum louvered system for snow loads and commercial applications.

American louvered roof system is an all metal louvered roof system and their mechanisms are made from aluminum metal parts, although it is very strong, the downside is that 2 moving metal elements with the metal to metal contact will eventually create extensive wear and corrosion and can weld together. Also, this makes the whole louvered roof system very heavy and complicated. The mechanism has to be lubricated, it can squeak very loudly and many times you will have to clean tiger stripes created by the 2 metal parts rubbing against each other and the streaks form the lubrication needed. 25 years ago, when Solara came up with the idea of adjustable patio covers, they used the whole metal mechanism system, but quickly learned the problems of having a whole metal system, since then Solara moved on and now the  Solara Adjustable Patio Cover has a poly fiberglass alloy for the louver brackets. This alloy has been developed by NASA to be flexible, strong with a high UV protection and has been used in their space ships. It is easy to install and has passed all of the ICC laboratory tests successfully.

Solara adjustable patio cover has a variety of colors to choose from and design your patio cover to your current house architecture features. It can be designed for a contemporary urban space, southwestern style or even a bungalow. Solara has 6 standard colors such as Cameo, White, Adobe, Latte, Gray and Spanish brown and you can add more than 1,000 custom colors. American louvered roof system has 3 standard colors that you can choose from Adobe, White, Dark Bronze and more than 1,000 you can choose from.

Solara adjustable patio cover developed with an Italian powder coat company, a 3D outdoor wood grain color that can easily alloy you to design your patio cover as a romantic lodge type of atmosphere with a low aluminum maintenance.
With the Solara aluminum roll formed louvers, you cannot insert a vinyl seal for an extra layer of protection of water leakage, however with the Solara aluminum extruded louvers, the vinyl seal is a standard feature and can be used for residential and commercial applications. American louvered roof system extruded louvers do not have a vinyl seal option.
Solara adjustable patio cover will let you choose between a motorized louver system and a manual louver system. You can use the manual application for a free standing louvered roof system that is far from a power source or just keep your louvered roof system affordable without being forced to buy the motor kit. American louvered roof system has only standard motorized louvered roof system and the manual application is not an option.
With the American louvered roof motorized system, you will get a remote control that can be single or multi controlled, meaning it can open each motor by itself or all of them simultaneously, with a motorized Solara adjustable patio cover, you will either get a single or a multi remote control that can operate each motor separately or all of them at the same time and after receiving feedback from customers all of the world “we have too many remote controls, we don’t need another one for our patio cover”, you will get an indoor wireless wall switch that you can control your patio cover if you happen to lose your remote control.