Best Ways to Cover Your Patio To Stay Cool In the Shade

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While spending time outside can be calming and relaxing, not everybody who wants to or should be exposed themselves to direct sunlight. It simply becomes too hot at times. Why? When you’re outside on your patio, the sun is beating down on you as well. You know how to make your patio more comfortable and increase the amount of time you spend outside in the summer to keep it cool. 

We can guide you whether you’re a homeowner looking to make the most of your outside area or a renter looking to make minor adjustments on a tight budget. From easy-to-install umbrellas to the more elegant aluminum patio—the choice is yours.

How To Keep Your Patio Cool

Your home’s patio can increase the amount of living space by establishing an outside living space. That outdoor space will be much more useful if patio covers are included in your design plan. With a patio cover, you can utilize your outside living space more regularly.

We’ve compiled a list of several patio upgrades that can help you fight the heat. We want you to make the most of your patio during warmer months!

Use Umbrellas Wherever Possible

The simplest method to provide your patio shade is installing a folding umbrella. Although it won’t completely shade your patio, the outdoor-friendly item will add a pleasant area of shade anywhere you place it. You can direct the shade to the areas that need it the most because umbrellas are portable.

Install A Pergola

Installing a pergola is one of the common ways to provide shade for your outdoor haven. A pergola might be completely open or it can be shaded by covers and screens. They are therefore perfect for relaxing outside. Pergolas are also a low-maintenance option to built-in overhangs and balconies since they anchor into the ground.

Take Advantage of Your Trees

Although it may seem obvious, trees are excellent at giving shade. So make use of your natural forests by placing patio chairs below them. And to gradually expand your shadow pattern, plant a few additional trees.

Install A New Roof System 

Perhaps you have a lot of time outside and want insulation roofing that keeps your area shaded and comfortable. Or perhaps you have a roofing system that receives direct sunshine and requires a material that resists UV ray damage. 

Solara created the concept for a louvered roof system. The product was primarily for high-end custom projects, but thanks to innovative engineering, useful design, and constant technological investment. We have now systems that are practically universally accessible and rely on your roof’s size, layout, colors, etc. With this pricing, adding electricity and energy costs, the louvered roof system effectively pays for itself.

Upgrade Your Shading System

Your garage has a lot of natural shade. If your patio is similar to yours, feel free to blend the two areas together. Make use of your garage as a gathering place and leave the door open.

With Solara’s smart aluminum patio cover, you can greatly expand your living area and improve your quality of life both during the hot summer months and the chilly, rainy winter months.

There are many options for patio shades, so you won’t need to come up with many new ones. Instead, you may browse the ideas already available to choose a solution that complements the size and design of your patio. The next time the sunlight burns your skin, the brightness blinds your eyes, or you feel the need for a little shade. 

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This summer, we hope you can maintain your outside area cool. If you want to buy a brand-new patio cover or upgrade your system, contact Solara today for your needs!