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Encino, California Patio Cover Specialist

Solara Specialist of Encino, California has been in the shading system business for over 15 years. We began the company in the year 2000 and began with only my wife and myself, gradually the company has grown and will continue to grow. We will continue to provide the best customer service and shading system to our happy customers.

We began with only one crew of two installers and one professional designer when we first began our family owned company. Now, over 15 years later we have three installation crews that are made up of three men per crew that can and will provide you the best quality installation. We also have 4 professional designers to walk you through the projects that can be inter-graded to your outdoor living spaces. No matter how small or large the project is they have the knowledge and will help you every step of the way.

At Solara Specialist of Encino, California our customer satisfaction is above any other. We stand behind our products and installation. You can be sure our staff will assist you in any way possible to make sure your needs have been met.

Get inspired by the variety of systems, select the ideal shading system, and let us do the work for you. We know every individual has their own style and our professional designer will make sure the patio cover design fits your style and enhances your outdoor space. Solara Specialist of Encino, California doesn’t only create new dream patio cover system but we can also renovate any existing patio system and improve it.

We are located at:

16350 Vebntura Blvd Suitre D-103
Encino, California 91436

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We welcome you to join us for the annual Los Angeles Home Show on spring 2016 at The Convention Center (March 18th-20th). We will also be displaying our covers in the annual Riverside Home & Garden Show in June 2016. You can view our displays at the home show and speak to our knowledgeable designers. With the outdoor in

Solara Specialist of Encino, California keeps a beautiful complete gallery of all of the products we provide in case you need an idea or two. You are always welcomed to come in to our showroom, make sure you call ahead of time to make sure one of our great designers meet with you to answer any questions you may have.

We also offer great patio enclosures, so whether you need it for a play room craft nook, entertainment room or just a quiet reading space we can help you create that space. The patio enclosures is made of durable material and will increase the value of your home, it is just the right level of investment as well as an addition to your outdoor space.

Benefits of an adjustable patio cover

The fantastic Solara louvered system provides shade in the summer as well as sunshine in the winter. The patio cover can be used year round, and it provides what normal patio covers don’t, versatility. The product is made out of Aluminum and can withhold rainy conditions as well as exposure to sunlight. So if you are looking for some shade on a sunny day in the heart of Southern California and the metro area, Solara Adjustable Patio Cover is the perfect product for you.

Please call us today for a free estimate with no obligation what so ever. Our specialized designers will create a design to fit your needs and budget. We can also meet you r needs, so If you are looking for a design specialist to meet you at your home and provide an estimate. You can be sure we will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. No matter how small or large the job is Solara Specialist of Encino stand behind any and all installations and the customer’s satisfaction of our services.

Everyone’s needs are different and at Solara Specialist of Encino, California we understand that. So if you’re a handy man and are looking for a weekend project, we have what you need. We have the DIY patio cover project your looking for. Our experienced design specialist will be more than happy to assist you with the order process for you dream patio system. Please contact us for details.