Solara Specialist of Las Vegas, Nevada

Patio Cover Specialist of Las Vegas, Nevada

Solara is the best patio cover for the Las Vegas market because it adjusts to fit our climate. On a hot summer day when a pergola would not shade enough and a solid patio cover does not provide top ventilation – you need only push a button to get 100% shade and almost 100% ventilation at the same time – no other product does this. You will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler and just enjoy your patio. Solara is also easy to fasten misters to the beams and rafters which give you added cooling so you can use your patio pretty much anytime.

On a cool winter day you need only open the louvers to 90 degrees and let the natural sunlight and passive solar into you home and adjust them to control the heat.

In some cases we will offer Solara as a DIY kit for our capable customers which will lower the cost significantly.

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Solara is very affordable in many cases just a little higher than an aluminum pergola but comes maintenance free and provides much more shade or light as needed and complete protection.

The greatest thing about Solara is it is the greenest patio cover on earth because it is made of 100% recyclable aluminum, open in the winter provides natural sunlight and passive solar to the windows on the patio lowering heating bills, in the summer it shades saving on air-conditioning costs, manages rain water for storage, and low maintained so you don’t need to paint or stain with harmful chemicals. I also is powered by a low voltage motor or comes with a manual operator.

It can be designed to fit just about any space and allows the home owner to match the architecture of the home. The louvers can be curved or angled with overhangs up to 2’

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