Patio Cover Specialist of Ottawa, Ohio

Solara Specialist of Ottawa, Ohio

Solara Patio CoverDealersSolara Specialist of Ottawa, Ohio
Solara is in Ottawa Ohio

Solara is in Ottawa Ohio

Patio Cover Specialist of Ottawa, Ohio

As a Solara Dealer we are happy to represent the State of the Art louvered roof on the market. The Solara Adjustable Patio Cover has proven itself over 25 years throughout the world and now serving the North West Ohio area. We do installed jobs but we also can provide a simple DIY kit for those able to tackle the project themselves.

It is the only product we sell which will allow you to have 100% shade while providing almost 100% ventilation at the same time. With the touch of a button can keep you dry from the elements. We have a variety of posts and beam combinations to match your architecture and style along with 7 color choices.

We call the Solara Adjustable Patio Cover the Pergola that opens and closes. It also is very eco-friendly because it needs no maintenance, saves on heating and cooling costs and can be linked up with water storage.

My father started our company in 1982. He was a hard- nosed guy that insisted on doing things right. He was the type of contractor that took pride in his work and would bend-over-backwards to guarantee a perfect project.

While I was in high school, I worked for my dad in between the high-school

Free Standing Louvered Roof System Custom Made Patio Cover.

Free Standing Louvered Roof System Custom Made Patio Cover.

football and basketball seasons. Growing up, I didn’t appreciate my dad’s hard-nosed attitude on the job—probably because if I didn’t get my part of the project EXACTLY right… well, let’s just say he would give me more than a simple scolding.

We are committed to:

Installing unique, superior products that homeowners can’t find ANYWHERE else.

Backing up all of our work with a TRUE Lifetime Labor Warranty.

Providing homeowners with REAL solutions during estimates—sales pressure is strictly prohibited.

Using ONLY employees to install your project—NEVER unqualified, inexperienced subcontractors.

Slowing down to guarantee the job gets done perfectly the first time (because the longest project is one that needs to be done twice).

Creating a work environment that makes the homeowner comfortable throughout the project, and makes the whole construction process stress-free.

We do all estimates in-person to give you a 100% accurate quote. We don’t play guessing games with you. When we tell you how much it’s going to cost, that’s how much it’s going to cost. We prepare a professional estimate for you, in writing, specifically detailing what needs to be done, when it can be done and how much it will cost. If you’re interested in an estimate, contact us today.

Cities we serve:


We are located at

14475 Road M
Ottawa, Ohio 45875

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