Patio Cover Specialist of Tigard, Oregon

Solara Specialist of Tigard, Oregon

Solara Patio CoverDealersSolara Specialist of Tigard, Oregon

Patio Cover Specialist of Tigard, Oregon 

Solara is in Tigard, Oregon.

Solara is in Tigard, Oregon.

We are an authorized Solara Adjustable Patio Cover Dealer in the Greater Portland area.

Solara is a most innovative patio cover because of the adjustability. It allows you to use your patio pretty much anytime you want especially on a rainy day. We normally run the louvers away from the building with about ½” slope and over hang them about 2’ on the front getting the rain away from the patio. On a rainy day you will love to sit on your patio dry while you watch the rain come off the front of the louvers in little streams of water falls about every 4”.

The Solara Adjustable Patio Cover also is great for shade – it is the only product we sell which will give you 100% shade and almost 100% ventilation at the same time providing the chimney effect which allows the hot air on a summer day to escape up through the louvers creating an updraft movement of air. The breeze will feel like a cool rush of air lowering the temperature on the patio by as much as 20 degrees.

About Us

We are celebrating 17 years of service providing high quality landscape design, installation and maintenance to the Greater Portland Area. We pride ourselves on making your vision a reality.


Oregon Landscape Contractor #8471

Oregon General Contractor #173432

Washington Contractor #INNOVLI932D8


Our goal is to provide the best quality landscaping around. With over 33 years of experience, you can be assured that all of your landscaping needs will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner at or below budget.

The lovered pergola is custom made and fits your budget.

The lovered pergola is custom made and fits your budget.



I look out my window each morning in awe of the transformation you made of our yard. No words can express adequately my gratefulness or appreciation.

I wanted to thank the fine crew that worked also. They did an excellent job. They were very hard working and diligent. Even when it rained hard they continued their work so we could celebrate Christmas with a beautiful yard.

Rosemary & Leroy Croll

After years of disappointment with other companies, our experience with Innovative Landscaping was miraculous.

They have integrity, are timely, efficient and reliable, does an excellent job for a reasonable price, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We whole-heartedly recommend Innovative Landscaping to any- and everyone.

Anne Porcelli

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Tigard, Oregon 97223

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