Solara Specialist of Wichita, Kansas

Patio Cover Specialist of Wichita, Kansas

Solara Specialist of Wichita, Kansas has been in business since 1990. We count on over 25 years of experience in the field. We’re proudly a family owned company. Growing up on a ranch we were always building something. In 1985 I built my first of many homes.

With extensive knowledge in the industry you can count on us to walk you through the order process, provide insight on what may work for your outdoor living space and create your dream patio cover. Our design team is highly qualified to produce a cover fit for your needs and style.

We are located at:

1493 N Coolidge Ave
Wichita, Kansas 67203

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Our first priority is getting the customer exactly what they need and want. If our customers are satisfied and happy, then so are we. Our moto is “honesty, loyalty and integrity” we have found by abiding these simple qualities we go beyond most other companies.

We Wichita, Kansas specialist started selling a numerus amount of patio covers and began selling DIY kits online since 1998. We have a total of 4 employees representing the Wichita, Kansas group and we count on a network of contractors across the county that install the covers for us. Over the years we can proudly say we have installed over 500 covers.

We are located in Wichita Kansas and ship nationwide, and we ship nationwide. Solara Specialist of Wichita, Kansas don’t currently have a showroom, but some of our contractors across the nation have displays. Please contact us for special locations.

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers can be used year round, opened to varying degrees on a nice sunny day to provide full or partial shade. You can completely close the louvers when it’s raining to keep your outdoor furniture protected. This product is eco-friendly made by aluminum and manufactured to withstand most weather conditions. The Solara cover is low maintenance and will only require minimum cleaning. Since the cover can be closed and open it allows you the option to let the sunlight in to shine through on a cold day or the option of closing the adjustable louvers to receive full coverage of sunlight, as well as partially opening it to allow the cool breeze to flow through the louvered roof system.

We offer our services to both residential and commercial projects. Our commercial projects currently make up 30% of our jobs. We offer and focus on DIY kits, and we ship nationwide.