Decorate Your Adjustable Aluminum Pergola

adjustable aluminum pergola

An adjustable pergola is a versatile outdoor structure that provides shade, shelter and aesthetic appeal to your home. Unlike traditional solid pergolas which typically feature a fixed roof or a lattice structure, an adjustable pergola offers customizable features that give users the flexibility to design and make their space unique and personal. Adding an aluminum pergola to your backyard patio or garden can make your backyard a focal point and adding your personal touches says a lot about the look you’re trying to achieve to appeal to the aesthetic of your home. An adjustable pergola has louvers that can be open or closed providing flexibility in managing sunlight and ventilation. With this adaptable design, you’ll have an ideal solution for creating comfortable outdoor environments suitable for various activities and weather conditions.

What type of atmosphere do you want to create? Creating a rustic atmosphere with your pergola involves incorporating design elements that evoke the charm and simplicity of rural life. You can also try transforming your pergola into a beach-themed oasis which requires infusing the space with coastal elements that evoke the serene and relaxed atmosphere of the shore. Urban modern style pergolas are characterized by sleek, minimalist designs that seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with functionality. Whichever your design style may be, the Solara aluminum pergola offers unmatched versatility that ensures it complements and enhances any type of aesthetic for your outdoor space.

Keep in mind the use you will give your pergola when designing and planning. Will your pergola be used to shade an outdoor barbeque or kitchen? To host dinners and parties? Or simply to keep your furniture and pets protected from the element? The Solara adjustable pergola not only meets whatever your needs are, but it stands out from traditional pergolas with its multitude of benefits. The flexibility of the Solara makes it ideal for hosting outdoor gatherings and providing a comfortable, protected space for relaxation, dining or entertainment.

40 Ways to Decorate Your Adjustable Aluminum Pergola

1.Climbing Vines

Decorating your adjustable aluminum pergola with climbing vines adds a touch of natural beauty and charm, transforming it into a lush and verdant oasis. Choosing the right climbing vines such as climbing hydrangea, grapevines, or climbing roses will allow you to create a picturesque canopy that will give you shade while infusing the space with fragrance and color. Plant vines can be used to cover the harsher lines of the pergola’s framework, adding a sense of organic style to the structure. With care and maintenance, adding climbing vines to your pergola structure can create a calm, inviting outdoor retreat where you can relax and unwind among the beauty of nature.

2. Hanging Plants and Suspended Planters


You can use hanging plants and suspended planters to decorate your pergola and transform it into an inviting oasis. Twining vines, Petunias, Fuchsia and begonias are some examples of hanging plants you can use to decorate your pergola that will create fragrant aromas while you’re relaxing in outdoors enticing you with the natural charm and beauty of the greenery. Your pergola structure is an open canvas for botanical creativity.

3. Furniture

Adjustable Aluminum Pergola Furniture

There is a diverse array of furniture options you can choose from to transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat. Opting for weather-resistant materials like teak or wrought iron ensures durability against the elements, while plush outdoor sofas and lounge chairs offer memorable gatherings under the open sky. You can add a touch of elegance by incorporating some accent pieces like a side table adorned with potted plants or flowers to create an inviting relaxing ambience. Adding a large dining table will allow you to entertain and host parties and dinners enjoying the fresh outdoors or under the stars.

4. Swings and Hammocks

Swings and Hammocks Adjustable Aluminum Pergola

As another option for furniture, you can choose to add swings and hammocks as seating options beneath your pergola structure, adding a playful relaxing element to your outdoor space. Swings can be suspended from the pergola beams and hammocks with their cocoon-like embrace will provide a cozy spot for unwinding. These unconventional seating options will not only offer moments of tranquility but also give the pergola structure a sense of casual style which creates an inviting cozy atmosphere for lounging amidst the lush greenery of your backyard oasis.

5. Roller Shades

Adjustable Aluminum Pergola Roller Shades

Roller shades can bring a sense of privacy to your pergola structure creating a secluded sanctuary that shields users from outdoor distractions. With their versatility and practicality, these shades elevate the functionality and appeal of your pergola, letting you fully enjoy its tranquil ambience. Additionally, rolling shades serve as a barrier against the harsh sunlight providing extra shade where you want it and reducing glare, enhancing comfort on those hot summer days.

6. Curtains

Adding curtains to decorate your pergola structure can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space, softening the architectural lines and creating a sense of intimacy. Beyond their decorative charm, curtains also have practical advantages such as privacy and shade. When drawn closed, curtains can offer seclusion from neighboring eyes, while blocking out harsh sunlight, rain, and wind, providing a secluded atmosphere allowing you to extend your outdoor enjoyment regardless of the weather conditions.

7. Outdoor Kitchens

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen or barbeque beneath your pergola structure can introduce a new way of outdoor living. With the adjustable aluminum pergola providing a sheltered canopy, the outdoor kitchen becomes a seamless extension of the living space. From prepping to grilling, having an outdoor kitchen allows you to mingle with your guests in parties and gatherings while preparing the meals, making it functional and practical. With a Solara pergola, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor kitchen and backyard year-round. An outdoor kitchen will give your dining experience the joy of cooking and the beauty of nature all in one.

8. Wood deck

Adjustable Aluminum Pergola Wood deck

Aluminum adjustable pergolas have a unique ability to elevate the charm and functionality of a wood deck, creating a backyard oasis that seamlessly blends durability with aesthetics. The sleek modern design of the Solara aluminum pergola contrasts beautifully with the natural warmth of the wood deck, adding a touch of contemporary style to the outdoor space. Unlike traditional wood pergolas that need to be stained or sealed, the solara aluminum pergola requires minimal maintenance, making it long lasting and durable against the elements.

9. Tiles

Introducing tiles beneath your pergola can elevate your outdoor space. The crisp lines and smooth surface of tiles can create a refined backdrop against a pergolas wooden deck and lush greenery. Whether you opt for classic stone, sleek porcelain, or rustic terracotta, adding tiles to decorate your pergola space will enhance appeal and functionality to your outdoor living space. Tiles offer practical benefits like durability and ease of maintenance ensuring effortless upkeep in outdoor environments.

10. Pavers

Choosing to add pavers beneath your adjustable aluminum pergola can add a touch of charm and character and make your outdoor space cozy and inviting. Pavers offer design versatility with their creative patterns and colors that can be used to complement the pergola’s style and surrounding landscape. Pavers can also offer a durable and low maintenance flooring solution and can create a defined space enhancing the overall ambience. Whether you opt from a natural stone look, concrete pavers or even a fun colorful design, pavers can add a focal point to your pergola structure, ensuring your outdoor living is hassle free and relaxing.

11. Macrame Lighting

Decorating your adjustable aluminum pergola structure with macrame lighting introduces a touch of bohemian charm and whimsy to your outdoor living space. The delicate knots and patterns of macrame complement the sleek lines of the aluminum pergola structure. It creates a visual contrast while giving the space a soft glow creating a warm and inviting ambience. Macrame lighting can be a fun creative way to decorate and personalize your outdoor space making it a cozy and intimate atmosphere where you can unwind and enjoy with your guests and family.

12. Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting can be used to create a charming retreat in your own backyard. The soft ambient glow that festoon lights offer will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for entertaining your guests or enjoying a nice quiet evening outdoors. Festoon lights can also add a touch of elegance to a sleek modern adjustable aluminum pergola. Hosting festive gatherings and parties will be gently illuminated with festoon lights allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living area under a starry night sky.

13. Spot Lights

You can add spotlights to your aluminum pergola to illuminate underneath when needed. Illuminating key areas underneath such as seating arrangements or dining spaces can create dramatic shadows and accents which enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the aluminum pergola. Whether you’re hosting a lively evening gathering or simply enjoying a quiet night outdoors, the subtle focused illumination provided by spotlights will transform your pergola into a stylish and inviting area for any occasion.

14. LED Strip Lights

Transforming your aluminum pergola into a captivating outdoor space can be made possible by using LED strip lights. These versatile lights with their vibrant illumination can bring an enchanting ambience to any setting or area. You can carefully place the strip of lights throughout the structure’s beams allowing the light to give the pergola an inviting aura perfect for any gathering or party. For quiet moments and relaxation, you can dim the LED strip to create a soft glow with a flick of a switch.

15. Multi-color Pergola

Multi-color pergola

With the Solara pergola structure, you will be able to get as creative as you wish with 5 standard colors and over 1,000 custom colors to choose from, you will be able to choose a dark color for your posts and beams and a light color for the pergola top. By using different colors for the structure and sub-structure you will be achieving a striking contrast that adds depth and dimensions to your pergola. There are a variety of ways you can mix the colors to elevate the pergola structures visual interest and appeal. The combination of colors can create a captivating focal point in your outdoor space that will capture the attention of your guests and family.

16. Fire Pit/Fire Place

Incorporating a fireplace or firepit into your pergola design will infuse your outdoor living space with a warm and functional ambience. Nestling a firepit in the center beneath an aluminum pergola structure can create a cozy spot where your guests can gather around the flickering flames to enjoy conversations on cool evenings. Adding a fireplace alongside a pergola structure wall can add a touch of elegance and sophistication that gives your outdoor space a visual appeal that your guests will appreciate. Whether it’s the crackle of burning wood, or the hiss of gas flames, adding a fire feature to your pergola will transform it into a year-round haven where memorable moments are savored under the open sky regardless of the weather.

17. Tiki Torches

You can enhance the visual appeal of your pergola by incorporating tiki torches that will evoke images of serene island getaways and balmy summer evenings. You can strategically place tiki torches around the perimeter of your pergola structure to create a whimsical, tropical charm as the flickering flames of the torches dance in the night breeze. With their bamboo or metal frames, tiki torches will provide your outdoor living space with ambient lighting and decorative accents complementing your adjustable aluminum pergola. Using tiki torches to decorate your pergola will create an inviting sanctuary for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

18. Sculptures/Art

Embellishing your pergola with sculptures and art pieces will not only elevate its aesthetic appeal, but it will transform your backyard into a charming outdoor gallery that reflects your personal style and creativity. You can incorporate sleek, modern sculptures or handmade artwork that will add visual interest to your space. Consider adorning the pergola’s posts with sculptural accents or hanging artwork from its beams to create a dynamic mesh between nature and artistic expression giving your pergola unique character and charm. Sculptures and art pieces can make your pergola a focal point in your backyard, adding beauty and inspiration to your outdoor oasis.

19. Waterfalls/Fountains

Adding a water feature into your pergola design will elevate your outdoor living area to new heights. A cascading waterfall along the side of your pergola will create a soothing backdrop where water gently tumbles over natural stones infusing the space with a sense of serenity and calm. A freestanding water fountain positioned at the center will add a touch of sophistication, its bubbling waters will create a mesmerizing focal point that captivates your guests. Whether your water feature is enjoyed during quiet moments of social gatherings the tranquil sounds of the waterfall or fountain will transform your pergola into a sanctuary of relaxation and beauty.

20. Chimes

Adorning your pergola with chimes can bring a harmonious melody to your outdoor haven by adding a delightful acoustic dimension to the space. You can strategically hang wind chimes from your pergola where gentle breeze will help them create a symphony of soothing tones that allow you to relax and unwind. Chimes can be crafted from bamboo, metal or glass, either one will add a unique melody that will enhance the ambience of your pergola. Wind chimes can bring your mornings, noons and nights, an enchanting peaceful atmosphere filled with soothing sounds.

21. Chandeliers

Decorating your aluminum pergola with a chandelier can add timeless elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space. This beautiful fixture can cast a warm inviting glow that can transform your pergola into a captivating venue for outdoor gatherings or intimate evenings under the stars. Crystal chandeliers will sparkle with the sunlight giving the space a romantic vibe, while rustic iron designs can evoke a sense of old-world charm, either one will create a magical atmosphere. Hanging a chandelier will also give your pergola a statement piece that will draw the visual interest of all your guests.

22. Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a great way of infusing your pergola space with both style and comfort. You can lay a large rug beneath your seating area defining a functional zone or positioning it in the center of your furniture creating a statement piece that will bring warmth and texture to the setting. You can choose from a variety of materials, textures and colors to give your outdoor pergola space a unique and personal aesthetic. From bold geometric patterns to neutral and soft tones there are many design options for any taste that will complement your adjustable aluminum pergola’s aesthetic.

23. Ceiling Fans

pergola Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pergola, but they will add practicality and comfort to your outdoor area. Adding a ceiling fan or two to your pergola will create breeze that will help reduce heat on hot summer days. When planning to add ceiling fans, use fans that are specifically designed for outdoor use since they are constructed with durable and weather-resistant materials. Many outdoor ceiling fans come integrated with lighting fixtures that will provide illumination and air circulation all in one. Incorporating a ceiling fan to your pergola is a great way to ensure comfortability to enjoy your outdoor space.

24. Jars/hanging Candles

If you’re looking to create a cozy and intimate ambience in your outdoor living space, consider adding jars or hanging candles to your pergola. This will give your pergola a rustic, charming touch while adding illumination to the area. Hanging jars with candles inside will infuse the area with a soft flickering light casting a warm glow that illuminates the surroundings. Whether you opt for mason jars suspended with twine or glass lanterns, each candle filled holder will add a whimsical and inviting element to your pergola’s decor.

25. Bird Houses

A bird house can give your pergola a delightful touch while inviting nature to become part of your surroundings. Hanging a birdhouse from the side of your pergola can serve as a charming decorative element, while also providing our feathered friends a cozy nesting spot. As birds fly in and out of their home, they will fill the air with their whimsical natural beauty making your pergola their alluring sanctuary. Choose the birdhouse that best complements your pergola.

26. Outdoor Bar

Adding an outdoor bar to your pergola design elevates the space into a fun and functional entertainment hub perfect for hosting gatherings and family functions. The outdoor bar can become a focal point for your pergola inviting guests to gather and mingle while enjoying refreshing beverages. You can adorn and decorate your outdoor bar with any style using bar stools, decorative accent pieces and elegant glassware to achieve a fun and inviting setting. Whether you’re making your friends a cocktail or enjoying a quiet drink beneath the stars, an outdoor bar will transform your outdoor space into an entertaining oasis for all to enjoy. Play Area

Adding a play area beneath your aluminum pergola will create a dynamic and family-friendly oasis. You can create a dedicated area where children can play and explore safely by adding swings, slides, or a small sandbox to encourage active play and imaginative adventures. You can incorporate kid-friendly seating such as colorful bean bags or small chairs for the little ones to relax and socialize. Incorporating a kid-friendly area will ensure that your outdoor space becomes not only practical and functional but a cherished retreat where your family can make long lasting memories among the beauty of the outdoors.

28. Dive Bar/pool Table/Darts

If you love to entertain and host, you can transform your outdoor space into a dive bar-inspired retreat. You can begin by ensuring your pergola’s structural integrity and suitable dimensions for accommodating gaming equipment. Constructing a sturdy bar along the side of your aluminum pergola and installing a weather-resistant pool table in the center while hanging a dartboard on the pergola’s beams will create your dive bar/man cave dream. You can finish your dive bar by adding cozy lounging seating with lighting for illumination and you’ll have a backyard retreat that you and your guests will enjoy. You can also consider adding a small fridge to keep your drinks chilled, completing the laid-back dive bar vibe.

29. Hanging Paper Lanterns

Enhancing your adjustable aluminum pergola with the soft glow of hanging paper lanterns creates a captivating ambiance that will elevate any outdoor living space. When choosing the right lanterns for your space start by selecting them in various sizes, shapes and colors to add depth and appeal. You can hang them in different heights alongside the pergola’s beams using sturdy hook strings. You can also incorporate LED lights inside the paper lanterns for a magical evening glow. If you’re hosting a gathering or having a quiet evening of relaxation, paper lanterns will transform your pergola into a whimsical inviting oasis.

30. Ottoman/low Floor Seating/arabic Seating

Incorporating ottomans or low seating into your pergola decoration will bring a sense of casual elegance and comfort to your outdoor space. Opt for plush ottomans or floor cushions in vibrant colors or patterns that will complement your pergolas and home’s aesthetic. You can arrange the seating around a coffee table, creating an intimate seating perfect for lounging and conversation. You can add soft throws and accent pillows to enhance the decor and make the area cozy and inviting.

31. Boho Vibe

Infusing your pergola with a boho vibe brings a free-spirit energy that celebrates individuality and creativity. You can begin by layering colorful, patterned rugs to add texture to the space. Then you can hang macrame planters filled with lush greenery alongside the pergola’s beams. You can add string fairy lights or colorful lanterns overhead to create a soft enchanting glow as the day transitions into night. And finally, you can complete the boho vibe by adding throw pillows, woven tapestries and dreamcatchers to make a serene sanctuary with a laid-back bohemian vibe.

32. String Lights

Using string lights to decorate your pergola will instantly transform your space into a magical retreat adding warmth and charm. Draping string lights along one or two of the sides of your pergola’s edges allowing them to cascade down will add a twinkling graceful vibe giving you the sense of a starlight sky. You can choose between white or yellow tones lights depending on the ambience you want. Adding string lights to your pergola will create a captivating backdrop that invites relaxation, conversation and cherished moments under the stars.

33. Moroccan Light Pendant

Adorning your aluminum pergola with Moroccan light pendants will infuse the space with an exotic allure. You can select pendants with filigree patterns and colorful glass that will reflect the rich heritage of Morocco. Hanging a few pendants along the sides of your pergola will add a whimsical charm as the sunlight reflects on the colorful glass. With Moroccan light pendants your pergola structure becomes a captivating experience where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Moroccan design.

34. Sun Catchers

If you’re looking to enhance your pergola with a whimsical enchanting touch you can incorporate sun catchers to your design. There is a large assortment of sun catchers in various shapes, sizes and materials such as stained glass, crystal, or acrylic. You can hang them from your pergola’s beams allowing them to catch the sunlight and scatter the different hues through the pergola’s surroundings, which is a great way to add color.

35. Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains can transform your aluminum pergola into an enchanting sanctuary while providing privacy. As sunlight filters through its’ delicate strands, it casts mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow creating a tranquil and relaxing ambience to enjoy.

36. Hot Tub

Decorating a pergola with a hot tub infuses the outdoor space with a luxurious retreat-like atmosphere. Positioned beneath the pergola’s sheltering canopy, the hot tub becomes the focal point of an inviting private sanctuary in its natural surroundings. You can unwind and relax after a long day while enjoying a glass of wine under the stars year-round.

37. Outdoor Theater

Outdoor theater in pergola

Decorating a pergola with an outdoor theater transforms the space into a captivating entertainment hub that seamlessly blends nature with technology. With a projector and screen mounted within the pergola’s framework, evenings under the stars become magical cinematic experiences. Add Plush seating and cozy throw blankets that will invite your guests to settle in for movie nights or binge-watching sessions. Adding soft, ambient lighting around the perimeter of the pergola will set the mood for film screening. Whether hosting a family movie night or a gathering of friends for a sports game, the outdoor theater nestled within the pergola creates unforgettable memories.

38. Mediterranean Vibe

A Mediterranean vibe will provide your aluminum pergola structure with timeless elegance. You can decorate using elements inspired by coastal regions of southern Europe as well as incorporating tapestries and curtains in vibrant hues of blue and white evoking the colors of the Mediterranean sky and sea. Adding mosaic tiles or patterned rugs will create an inviting atmosphere while giving your pergola a touch of Mediterranean flair.

39. Vertical Vegetable Garden

A vertical vegetable garden can bring the beauty of nature and the bounty of the harvest together in a harmonious display. Trellises, hanging planters, and vertical gardening systems can be incorporated onto the side of your pergola’s structure, allowing it to become a canvas for lush greenery and thriving vegetables. Cascading vines of tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans climb upwards, while vibrant lettuces and herbs fill hanging baskets and pockets along the walls. The combination of edible plants not only adds visual interest but also provides a sustainable source of fresh produce just steps away from the kitchen. Whether it’s plucking ripe tomatoes for a salad or harvesting aromatic basil for pasta, the vertical vegetable garden transforms the pergola into a vibrant sanctuary where the joys of gardening and dining al fresco come together in perfect harmony.

40. Florals

Decorating your aluminum pergola with florals will transform your outdoor space into a blooming sanctuary, infusing it with enchantment and romance, all while gently softening the sleek lines of the aluminum structure. Florals will infuse your pergola with life and beauty by filling the air with their sweet fragrance with each passing breeze. Whether you want to enjoy a cozy morning coffee surrounded by the sweet perfume of flowers or an important life event gathering, decorating your pergola with florals will transform it into a backyard oasis where nature’s beauty is celebrated in every blossom.