How to Design your Solara Patio Cover

The first thing required to do is to design it according to your snow load and wind load (mainly reflect the substructure such as posts, support beams and headers)
Unlike other patio covers that are designed to maximize your shade, the Solara adjustable patio cover is designed to maximize the direct sunlight you will get. We will always try to design our louvers to open towards the sun since no matter which way you will direct our louver system, you will get 100% shade with a switch of a button.
We recommend to direct the opening of the louvers to the south, west or east, never to the north.
Our patented rafter can be attached on both sides, meaning unlimited dimensions. However, our louver can go up to 23 ft long, meaning if your dream patio cover 20ft x 40ft it will be easier to design it 40ft rafter x 20ft louvers.
Keep in mind, that the sun is always on the move, it rises in the east and sets in the west through the south side. The height of the sun also varies throughout the seasons, so when you design your patio cover, take in consideration. For example, if your patio cover is facing west, you will always get sunlight through in the sunset. To receive more shade, you can add visors or extend your patio cover to the west. Another example is, if your patio cover is facing south, the shade that you will receive will drastically change between sunset and sunrise. Solara recommends to download the “sunseeker app” to your phone and use the 3D view feature.
If you have a big back yard, and you do not want to cover all of it, you have to keep in mind not just practical needs, but also the atmosphere you want to create. You will always want to cover your entire sitting area and leave some overhang. Even if all of your guests are under shade, some of them may be found sitting with no louvered roof system over. To have the best hospitality environment you should consider your sitting area layout.
With the Solara louvered roof system, you can create as many controlled areas as you like. For example, one area will be separately controlled above the barbecue stand. Another area will be separately controlled next the bay window, and the third area will be controlled over the sitting area. On a sunny day this will give you the opportunity to open the barbecue stand cover for the smoke and smell, close the bay window area to let the kids watch tv without reflection inside the house, and have 80% shade for the sitting area.

A few rules of thumb: The bigger the cover, the more shade you will maximize. The lower the cover, the more shade you will get. And the bigger the slope, the better the weather proofing.

How to measure your dream Solara Patio Cover

The best way to design your cover when attached to the house. Louvers to run perpendicular to the house. Rafters to run parallel to the house.
Cover can be attached to the wall of house under the eave, to the eave, or the roof depending on height restrictions of house to accommodate slope of patio cover.
When attaching to eave, eave must be able to support weight of cover in any weather conditions.
When attaching to house, it is best to use a ledger beam for easier install.
When attaching to roof, it is best to enlarge cover by 2 feet to overhang roof.

Tip 1: When designing a cover, square and rectangular are most affordable and easiest to install

Tip 2: Keep in mind, height of bottom of rafter to top of open louver is 9 inches. Make sure open louver will clear eave when fully open.



Get a quote for your Solara Patio Cover

Please send a simple drawing looking straight down at area wanting cover with all dimensions.

Please send a few pictures and simple drawings to our email of the area to get a better quote.

Please keep in mind, a square or rectangle shaped cover will be more affordable to quote and keep your costs down.

Keep in mind, you are working directly with the manufacturer and 95% of our clients are general contractors, big builders, and architects. To get this special pricing, you will need to think like one.

We can help you for free for one design and one quote only. Solara will offer one design for free and any quotes after the initial quote will be charged $70 for each additional quote.

The deposit for all redesigns will be credited toward the purchase of your Solara Patio cover.

How to get started ordering your Solara Patio Cover

Solara getting information from you (drawing/pictures)
Getting a ball park price for your cover and shipping costs.
Final adjustment of design (extruded/rolled form louvers, sub-structure, motors, and colors)
Solara will send you a finalized custom quote.
Solara will send an email approval with placing your order.
You will receive a custom quote and breakdown of your cover:
Parts list (Parts breakdown)
Costs of cover (Price list breakdown)
Going over your order with Solara Representative about material/parts breakdown and approving by sending signed documents.
In order to put your cover in production, Solara will need an initial first 50% payment.
After the first initial payment, in 3 business days you will receive estimated shipping date. Please keep in mind during high season, production can take 4 to 6 weeks.
A few days before shipping, you will receive invoices and final shipping costs. So prompt payment is advised to prevent any delays. Please note: your order will not be finalized and crated until full payment is received.
A tracking number with estimated shipping date will be sent usually within 3 to 5 business days.

Extruded Louvers vs Rolled Form Louvers

Systems benefit: Both extruded and rolled form systems move and have the same functionality and appearance.
The main difference is the thickness of the louvers and the vinyl seal of the extruded louver.
The extruded louver is about 1.7mm (3x thicker) than the rolled form and will be better for heavy wind/snow loads and commercial properties (ex. Restaurants, hotels, and etc.)
The rolled form louver is about 0.55mm which equals to about 7 print pages and will have same function of an extruded louver with more affordable price. So, if you are on a budget, or live in a light wind/snow area, then the rolled form louver would be the best choice.
Our generic engineering is designed to withstand up to 150 mph. With Solara’s engineering you do not have to worry whether you left your cover open or closed in a high wind situation. It’s designed for any scenario.
The main difference between the roll forming and the extruded louver system is the louver span. With the extruded louver you can span up to 40% more.
The extruded louvers are recommended for extreme high wind, heavy snow loads, and commercial applications.
The extruded louvers have a vinyl seal technology to add another level of protection from rain.
Both type of louvers has the same lifetime warranty.

Colors are Exciting

Solara offers 5 standard colors: Adobe, Cameo, Latte, Spanish Brown, and White
Solara also offers unlimited custom colors.

Design Tip 1: Custom colors will be 30% to 40% more in costs. It will affect time od delivery. Only extruded louvers can be custom colors.

Tip 2: It is best to paint the roof louvers in neutral bright tones, like crème (bright colors inspire a sense of open space), and to have the patio cover poles match the exterior walls or the house’s window frames.
All colors are oven applied with an aluminum coating to meet the world’s highest standard.

Our Extruded Louvers are made from a 100% recyclable aluminum billet which is heated to 800 degrees then hydraulically forced through a specially engineered hardened die and tempered.
Extruded louver is powder coated with robotic paint machines which spray high quality power paint on all sides. It is then melted in a 360-degree oven which fuses the coating to cover all surfaces; it comes with a lifetime guarantee [space size=”12″]

Accessories for your Solara Patio Cover

Electronic motor

Electric motor Solara’s smart patio cover can be fitted with an electric motor, which can be operated with the use of a remote control.
Unlike canvas awnings where the motor only shifts between two stages: roof open – roof closed, the Solara shading system’s motor controls the patio cover louvers and accommodates any choice of the angle from 0º to 130 º.
The motor operates at a voltage of 12 volts, so there is no risk of electric shock. It is also really safe in the event of a malfunction or power loss.
Remote control

Operate your new Solara Adjustable Patio Cover with a touch of a button. With optional electric motor accessories, you get two remotes. One wall mount usually for inside the home and one handheld remote with a slide in a bracket that can be mounted on an outside post or wall.
The remote will allow you the option of operating your new cover without even stepping outside.
The sleek new design remote allows you to operate up to six different motors at once or one at a time. This will allow you (if you have more than one motor the option of having sun or shade on any section of your choice. For instance, you will have the luxury to have a BBQ on one side of your cover allowing the smoke to ventilate through our open louvered system while your guests are shaded from the sun on the opposite end.
We know you already have too many remote controls in your house, so with the Solara Adjustable Patio Cover, you will receive a wireless wall switch as well as a remote control.
Wind/Rain sensor Visors

Solara’s smart patio covers can be fitted with a visor as well. The visors provide extra protection from the sun’s radiation and provide a broader area of shade.
On the East and West sides (sunrise and sunset), extra protection from the sun is needed, meaning it’s most effective to place them on these sides.
Aside from the great amount of shade provided by the visors, they also add to the pergola’s design.


You can add a gutter to your system however our Solara team does not recommend the gutter system added to any louvered roof system. It will add to your costs, maintenance, and you will have to clean all gutters at least twice a year to prevent leaking.
On the other hand, if you don’t have a neighbor below you or if you don’t live in a high-rise building where you will have to collect water, then the benefit of a gutter system is very low.
For a box look louvered roof system, you can add just a few of Solara’s titanium support beams and achieve this modern sleeker look to your cover.

How to get permits for your Solara Patio Cover

Both Solara roll formed and extruded louvered roof systems can be permitted.
Solara adjustable patio cover will supply a generic engineering that covers most scenarios in most types of weather, that you can submit to your building official along with required drawing of your project.

Some cities, will accept Solara engineering over the counter, and some cities will ask to review it.
If your project is not following into Solara adjustable patio cover generic engineering, we can supply site specific with our engineer wet stamp that you can submit to your building official. (extra cost for site specific) [space size=”12″]

We got you covered.

The Solara Smart Shading System (the “System”) is designed to be free from defects in material and to operate properly under conditions of normal wear, subject to the terms and conditions on this warranty. SOLARA ADJUSTABLE PATIO COVER LLC (“Solara’) is pleased to provide you with the following warranties:

Lifetime Warranty – the posts, support beams, and perforated beams that are supplied by Solara are warranted for life time.
10 years limited warranty – the louvers are warranted for a period of ten (10) years from the date of completed installation of the System against defects that affect their operation. Please note that this warranty may be voided if you fail to keep the Louvre troughs clean from dirt and debris (leaves, rocks, branches, etc.).
15 years limited warranty – the manual opening system, pins, brackets, flashing, shafts, springs and fiberglass components are warranted for fifteen (15) years from the date of completed installation of the System. This warranty may be voided if you fail to operate the manual opening system to full opening at least twice a month.

15 years limited warranty – the motor, mother board, transformer and remote control are warranted for five (5) years from the date of completed installation, and then 10% per year prorated until the 15th year.
This warranty is subject to the wires being protected and the electric control being installed under solid roof, in accordance with the relevant codes, and protected from water and other weather conditions, and is further subject to you operating the motorized opening system to full opening at least twice a month.
These warranties apply only to manufacturing defects in the System, and are conditioned upon the System being properly installed by a Solara authorized dealer, following Solara engineering package and your local building code requirements, and is further subject to the System components and/or accessories not being repaired or altered without Solara’s authorization.

Do not hang any objects from the System, such as, but not limited to: fans, hammocks, light fixtures, flowerpots, etc.
The owner of the System must follow the care and cleaning instructions that are mentioned in this warranty or the warranty will be voided.
These warranties start on the date the installation of the System is completed on the original retail purchaser’s property. The warranty is offered only to the original retail purchaser and is not transferable. Steel products are not warranted against rust.

These warranties apply only for Solara standard colors product. These warranties apply only to residential and commercial installations. These warranties apply only to installations within the continental United States and Canada.
In order to validate the warranty, you must register it with Solara within thirty (30) days after completion of the original installation of the System on the registration form attached hereto, along with a copy of the purchase invoice. By registering the purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Warranty claims procedures
Any warranty claim under this limited warranty must be in writing and received at Solara Adjustable Patio Cover LLC at 602 N 24th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 within thirty (30) days after the discovery of a claimed defect. This written notification must include a detailed description of the defect, the date of installation, the address of the installed product, the name and the address of the installer and a copy of the invoice for the System.
SOLARA shall have the right to inspect each claim. Therefore, avoid any repairs prior to Solara’s inspection. Any repairs or alternations to the System prior to Solara’s inspection will void the warranty.

If after the inspection Solara determines that the defect is covered by the warranty, Solara shall have one hundred twenty (120) days to remedy the defect as follows:
Solara, at its own option, shall repair, replace or refund the defective part. However, Solara shall not be liable for any packing, shipping, labor, and removal or installation costs to remedy the defective product.
For valid warranty claims arising after the tenth (10th) year following installation of the System, Solara will refund to you 50% of the original wholesale cost of the defective item or repair or replace the item, at its sole discretion.
The purchaser must pay all applicable service charges and taxes. Defective parts accepted for warranty compensation become the property of Solara.
Solara reserves the right to discontinue and make changes to its System. In the event an item covered by this warranty is not available, Solara shall have the right to substitute parts that, in Solara’s discretion, are of a comparable grade, quality or price.

The warranties do not cover the installation, the qualification of the person installing the product, or any consequences of improper installation. The warranties do not cover damage due to normal weathering, fading, chalking, dirt from birds or other animals’ feces, black streaking, water leaking, corrosion, chemical fumes, salt, fire, lightning, wind storms, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, explosion, damage due to abnormal environmental conditions, vandalism, accident, negligence, misuses, improper care, willful misconduct or any act of nature beyond the control of Solara.

Exclusive Remedy
Repair or replacement or refund of defective item in accordance with the warranties above shall be the purchaser’s exclusive remedy for and shall constitute satisfaction of any and all liabilities of the Solara with respect to any defect in any item.

Disclaimers and Limitations
The warranties set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, conditions and terms as to quality or fitness of the System supplied by Seller to the Buyer, whether written, oral or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranties or conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all such other warranties, conditions and terms are hereby disclaimed and excluded by the Solara. In no event shall Solara be liable for any loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of anticipated business, cost of substitute products, loss of use or downtime costs or delay claims (whether direct or indirect) nor for any other special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or relating to these warranties or the supply of parts to the Buyer. No employee or representative of the Seller has the authority to make any representation, promise or agreement which in any way varies from the terms and conditions of this Warranty.
Applicable Law: These warranties shall be subject to, and governed by, the laws of the State of Arizona applicable to contracts made and to be performed in the State of Arizona, regardless of where the System is in fact purchased or installed.
Severability: If any provision of this warranty shall be adjudged by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, the same shall in no way affect any other provision of this warranty or the validity or enforceability of this warranty.


Any legal suit, action or proceeding against Solara arising out of or relating to these warranties shall be instituted in a federal or state court in Maricopa County, Arizona, and both Solara and you irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of any such court in any suit, action or proceeding. [space size=”12″]

Foundation made easy

Solara offer extruded, aluminum, powder-coated high-quality sub-structures.

You can build a Solara roof system on top of almost any sub-structure for extreme span of area. But for extreme weather, such as heavy snow or wind loads, we recommend a steel sub-structure.

Solara Post Kits:
Post kits come in 2 sizes: 8.5ft and 10.5ft
Posts come pre-notch to accept the Solara titanium beams
Post kits include the actual posts, side brackets to cover screws and low voltage wires
Includes steel post mounting base bracket.
Posts size (4.5×4.5 inches)

Solara Titan Support Beam kit is made of heavy duty, engineered extruded aluminum with a high heat powder coated finish. And the titan beam is 2”x7” and is supplied with your choice of end caps or mounting brackets.

For extreme weather and span, we recommend to use a dual beam.
In order to help you design the sub-structure, please follow the instructions above and follow the instructions on both the “Ordering” and “Design” tabs

Installation made easy

To install a Solara DIY Kit, try to keep it simple with your shapes, such as square or rectangle design.
We recommend attaching to house wall underneath overhang or roof mount.
We recommend a 5% pitch, which will give you a 5/8 per foot slope. The more slope on your cover will prevent water dripping. Keep in mind your average home roof has 33% pitch for water to run off.
Installing a Solara roof system is not rocket science, but if you would have a problem assembling a Ikea desk, then a DIY Kit is not for you.
When installing a Solara system, you will need basic hand and power tools.
An average Solara roof system will take 2 people a weekend to install.
Keep in mind, the Solara roof system must be installed properly (Plum and Square) meaning, making sure that support beams are even and square for the rafters to be plum with one another. Cover must be on a flat plane like a board with a slope.
[space size=”10″]

[space size=”10″]

Connecting the Solara Cover

When Solara covers become a certain size, they will need to be built in more than one operating section. Each section will need its own motor or manual operator. These sections will be separated by a static louver (meaning louver stays closed)

To connect sections, you will need a patented spring bracket will separate sections and allow one section to operate separate from the other.   Keep in mind, you will need to drill the motor mounting hole in rafter. 
The motor should always be placed in the center of each section. (meaning middle of the center rafter)
When running the wire to motor, the wire should not exceed 25 ft between motherboard (small white box) and motor. 25 ft wire included in motor kit. Please see the video attached below:

Solara Motor Installation

Connecting Patio Cover Rafters

Solara Patio Cover/Motor Assembly

Drilling Motor Holes

Cutting From The Back Of The Rafter


Rafter Brackets


Manual Opening System

Electric Motor Opening System

Shipping DIY

Your Solara adjustable louvered roof system will be packaged and crated in our facility and will ship to you via freight company. Every crate is insured and packed to our highest quality. Unloading can be challenging depending on the size of your cover. Our crates can be from 10’ to 22’ long and weigh from 300 lbs. to 1200 lbs. It will be your responsibility to unload your crate from the truck, however in most places, for an additional fee, the trucking company can unload the crate for you. When you receive the crate, place follow these instructions below. 

If concealed damage occurs, you have 5 days to open and inspect all the material in your crate and notify Solara if there’s any damage. Please keep in mind, that all shipments are insured and we must follow insurance company guidelines. If instructions are not followed you will be responsible for the costs of the replacement material if needed. [space size=”12″]

Contact Us

Office: 602-388-8429  Fax– 602-388-8431
Address: 602 N 24th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008


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How much does a Solara DIY Kit cost?

Depending on how big your project and where you live, prices can vary since our DIY Kits are all customized.

Generally, non-snow areas prices run $18-$21 per square foot. Snow areas will run $23-27 per square foot.

What is involved in building a Solara roof DIY Kit?

We will send you written instructions and a link to an installation video.

How long will it take to build a Solara Patio cover?

Depending on the size of your patio cover, with 2 people, your cover should take 1 and 1/2 days to 2 days to install.

How long will it take to ship from order date?

Delivery time runs from 3 to 4 weeks and can be longer in the summer months.

How do I pay for my Solara DIY Kit?

Solara accepts several forms of payment (ex. ACH payments and Online/Mobile Quick Pays)

What is wind load?

Wind load is how fast the wind is in your area. The building codes will require to design the louvered roof system for the fastest wind load that has ever occurred in your area. They will usually add 30% and calculate wind gusts as well. For example, the slowest wind load that you can design your patio cover is 90 miles per hour and it can go up to 120 miles per hour. Our louvered roof system’s generic engineering will cover up to 115 miles per hour and will be approved for roll formed and extruded louvered roof systems. We can always make site specific engineering for your louvered roof system.

What is snow load?

Snow load means how many pounds of snow you have per square foot. Building departments will calculate the snow load area as the heaviest winter that location has received. We add a cushion of 30% and add weight of rain as well. The term used is psf. (pounds per square foot) For example, if your building codes require 30 psf. and your patio cover is 20×15 (300 square foot) we would have to design the louvered roof system to carry 9,000 lbs. load. Solara has generic engineering up to 30 psf. and we can always calculate a site-specific engineering for your needs. The generic engineering is approved for roll formed or extruded louvered roof systems.

When permitting a louvered roof system, what does exposure mean?

You can have different exposures in the same city. Building departments will calculate the span by different exposures for the same wind even if it’s in the same wind and snow load area. For example, a louvered roof system that will be installed in a 90 mph with 10 Psf. snow load in an urban area will have less exposure than the same patio cover with the same load in a rural area. The exposure can also address the height of the louvered roof system. There will be different exposure for a louvered roof system that is installed on a ground floor than at the penthouse 4 or 5 stories high. Commercial and residential louvered roof systems will also have different exposure, although they’re in the same exact location. Our louvered roof system’s generic engineering will cover exposure A and B and in most building departments you will just need to increase the loads to permit your louvered roof system in exposure C.

Does the Solara louvered roof system have a gutter?

Yes. We do offer a gutter system, however since our cut edge technology does not force us to have support on the edges of the cover, we don’t force you to buy the gutter system and keep your louvered roof system affordable. After thousands of louvered roof systems installed all over the world, we know that most people spend their time when it’s raining either indoors or underneath our cover. Most of the louvered roof systems are installed on first level on the yard and you can let the water run to your garden so there isn’t any need for an expensive gutter system. Gutter systems also require maintenance keeping it clean and properly working can be a hassle that will require ladders, tools, etc. If the gutter system is clogged, your louvered roof system can leak. We feel that less maintenance and less labor is a better system. We do recommend to install the gutter system on our patio cover when it’s being installed on the 2nd level or higher and the water drainage is directly to your downstairs neighbor’s porch. With the Solara louvered roof system, you can always add the gutter later on.