Exclusive Dealer Information

This page is reserved for New and Prospective Solara Dealers and provides a secure place for Dealer only information.

If you are a New Solara Dealer or are looking at the prospect to add Solara to your product line please understand this is just basic information – your Solara Rep. will be able to answer additional questions please contact them.

All Solara aluminum materials are color matched but can be custom colored as needed 


Solara is the only company to offer both roll formed and extruded aluminum louvers. This gives you a large difference in price offering and choice for your customers.

Both louvers are available up to 23’ long and will snap in to the louver bracket which is pre-installed in the Solar rafter.


Solara Rafters are extruded aluminum and can be made to 26’ then can be splice as long as necessary the longest  to date is over 100’. Each rafter has an electrical raceway built in offer protection and  hide wires. The mechanism is pre-installed with louver brackets and U-Beam at our factory. Solara comes with rafter brackets to attach to a beam and attachment bracket or end cap as ordered.


Solara has beams which can be configured in single and double to span as needed – they are extruded aluminum and low profile blend with any architecture. You can order end caps and outside or inside brackets to attach to wall or roof.

Louver Brackets

Solara louver brackets are made from a space age technology material and over 30% fiberglass. It is completely self-lubricating and with the other mechanism parts has a 15 year warranty. The roll form or extruded louvers simply snap into these brackets.


We have 4 standard colors – Cameo, Adobe, Latte, and White plus 2 custom colors Gray and Cedar Wood Grain we also  offer over 1000 custom color available for an up charge.

The colors have a lifetime warranty and are applied using state of the art techniques.

USA Made

Solara is manufactured in Phoenix AZ where we have a State of the Art Roll Forming machine with tolerances to one thousands of an inch. And all rafters, mechanism, and packaging is done in our facility. 

Motorized/Manual Operation

The standard Solara comes with a manual operator and a crank but many customers upgrade to the motorized option.

The motor is a heavy duty linear actuator and along with the other electronics comes with a 15 year warranty (prorated at 10% per year after the first 5 years).

When you order the motorize version your customer will receive 2 high quality remote controls – a hand held which comes with a holder to mount to a post or outside wall and an interior remote to mount to an inside wall with a sticky tape back allowing them to open, close, and stop Solara as needed.


Lead Time 

Our lead time generally ranges from 2 to 3 weeks depending on time of year (Spring and Fall Home show season is our longest lead times)

Warranty Details 



Order Process

Once the order form is submitted we will send you a Material List and Invoice within 24 working hours. You will need to sign both and return them making arrangements for a 50% deposit and then the order will be put into production.

When the order is completed we will send you another invoice for the balance plus estimated shipping – once that is paid the order will ship.



Roll Form VS Extruded Louvers

Solara is the only company to offer both roll form and extruded louvers

Roll Form Louvers is used in minimal snow load areas and can be used up to 40 lbs. psf. By adding rafters. The price for roll form is significantly less and makes up over 75% off our production

Extruded Louvers are used in many commercial installations and where heavy snow load is needed.


Please see you Solara Rep for your discount

As the original adjustable patio cover Solara is has several world patents and tough some design improvements have been made over the years the basic original design has stood the test of time and now is backed by the best warranty in the industry along with State of the Art materials and precise manufacturing.

Solara a Worldwide company has been manufacturing our State of the Art Adjustable Patio Cover for over 25 years in Israel with sales networks in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. In 2005 we set up our factory in Phoenix AZ where over the past 10 years we have set up over 200 dealers in the USA and Canada.

To see exactly how Solara opens and closes with remote check out our interactive demo which shows different season use.

Here are the reasons you should consider adding the Solara Adjustable Patio Cover to your current product line.

  1. We have proven with over 200 dealers nationwide that when you show Solara to your customers almost all of them want it and most of them can afford it.
  2. With little or no competition you have the inside track to sell the best product increasing your closing rate.
  3. You address more of the customers’ needs and concerns with Solara. Our 25 year experience making Solara her are the most important needs #1 need is protection, #2 need is adjustable shade, #3 need is not blocking light or letting natural light come in the home  and #4 need is low or no maintenance.  Our Dealers have told us “Solara is the only product they sell that can and does address all of those needs”.
  4. Your best tool for selling in the home is the Solara demo kit which you open and close in front of your customer with the remote control – it closes sales.
  5. Solara has a great free lead program where we give you a page on our website and allows you to highlight your non competitive products.

Free lead program

We have a free qualified lead program using Google Place/Business highlighting your location on the internet see this short video click here for free lead program video this program includes putting a page of your info on our site. The program is specially designed to optimize web traffic from around your location to get you good qualified leads.

Enjoy a day under the sun with the Solara adjustable patio system.


The benefits of Solara are simple but stark

  1. Adjustability – other patio covers can only provide one option in controlling shade, protection, light, and ventilation but the adjustability of Solara  gives your customer any and all of these options
  2. Convenience – With Solara you control the louvers with just the crank of a handle or the push of a button
  3. Maintenance Free- Solara has a powder coating which is the best finish available for long term aluminum protection

Solara First Sales Presentation

We have put together a very complete and effective sales presentation to guide your salespeople through the features, advantages, and benefits of Solara for in the home sales. It highlights finding and solving the needs of the customer and along with the Patio Cover Comparison Chart will help improve their closing rate – in some cases by double.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions are simple and easy here is a pdf version


Generic engineering is available for most States with a wet stamp. Site specific engineering is available for a fee.

Here is the pdf of the CA engineering