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How to use the louvered roof system cost calculator:

  1. First thing you will need is to determine the size of your patio cover.
    Most of the time the louvers will reflect the size of your slope from your house, meaning they would be perpendicular to your house and the rafters will reflect lengths parallel to your house. We recommend to add an extra foot to your exact size to have extra protection and that will help when considering the overhangs, louvers, above the fascia, etc.
  2. Chose how many posts you will need.
    As a rule of thumb, you will need one post every 12 feet of rafter. Keep in mind that the Solara louvered roof system can be installed on almost any substructure such as wood, concrete or steel. You can also chose zero for the quantity of the posts but you will need to add the cost of your own posts yourself.
    Chose the type of louvered roof system you want.
    Solara is the only brand that offers you the choice of extruded or roll formed louvered roof system. In most cases, roll formed louvered roof systems will suffice and will give you almost the same benefits of extruded louvered roof systems such as protection from rain, snow humidity etc. while allowing you to determine the amount of shade you need.  Extruded louvered roof system are a better choice for extreme snow loads and wind loads or with commercial applications where water proof systems is a must such as restaurants, hotels, etc.
    DIY or professional installation for louvered roof systems.
    We always recommend to go for professional installation, however if you are up to the task or if there are no professional installers in your area the do-it-yourself kit can be offered to you.
  3. How strong do I need my louvered roof system to be.
    If you know that you live in high wind areas or if it snows in your area, you will need to enforce your louvered roof system, meaning adding rafters to crate smaller spans. Keep in mind that our louvered roof systems have a lifetime warranty and should last for at least 20 years. With this, you will need to think about the worst weather you have had and build your louvered roof system according to the worst-case scenario.
  4. Motorized or manual louvered roof system.
    Solara louvered roof system is the only manufacturer that gives you a choice between Motorized or manual louvered roof system. The manual louvered roof system will be the right just for you if you are building the system far away from a power source or if you are on a budget. Manual louvered roof systems are also a good choice for snow birds or Airbnb properties and if you are not going to open or close your louvered roof system very often, however if you want the louvered roof system to be connected to a cell phone app or a smart home you will need the motorized option. Every motorized louvered roof system will have a hand-held remote control and a wall switch.
  5. Modern or traditional louvered roof system designs.
    Solara louvered roof systems are the only manufacturers that will give you a choice for your design our louvered roof system can be designed as a gable, curved, round or almost any design that you can imagine. The boxed look designs it the more modern, contemporary look that will require more beams and support so if you are not looking for a modern louvered roof system look, you will not be forced to buy all the extra beams that are needed for a modern boxed design.
  6. Louvered roof system app.
    You will need to decide if you need an app to control your louvered roof system. The app option can only be added for a motorized louvered roof system. This option will include the hardware that will allow you to control the louvered roof system from any electronic device and from everywhere. The pro function will allow the louvered roof system to sync with the weather forecast and the system will adjust itself. For example: when it rains in your area the system will shut itself and if it’s too cold the system will open to allow maximum natural heat and sunlight. The pro function will have a yearly subscription that is not included in the louvered roof system price.
  7. Solara support beam.
    This option will allow you to add the Solara substructure beam. Our extruded powder coated lifetime warranty support beam will match and compliment your cover with the same look and finish of our louvers and rafters, however our louvered roof system can be installed on almost any other substructure so you do not have to purchase the substructure from Solara.

Is my louvered roof system cost firm and accurate?

Please keep in mind, that this price is only a ballpark price and since we cannot determine many variants in your project this price will probably be on the lower end. This louvered roof system does not include shipping and packaging that can vary from no cost for a self-pick up from Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho to thousands of dollars for a rural town in the East Coast. Also, this price does not reflect any local taxes or permit costs and requirements. This price will reflect a very easy simple installation without considering any obstacles such as windows, uneven fascia’s, curves, L-shapes, etc. This price will also not reflect any footings that may or may not be required. We are also not sure what your wind load and snow loads are and sometimes you will need some extra rafters, beams or posts, that will add to your louvered roof system cost. The price of motorized louvered roof system costs can also vary depending on how far your power source is from the system, hardwire requirements, or local building codes.

However, this tool can help you a lot while designing and building your budget for your dream louvered roof system and Solara patio covers can guarantee to have the lowest price for louvered roof systems on the market. We can guarantee that due to our power buying (the biggest louvered roof system manufacturer in the country with the longest manufacturing record) we’ve been around more than 35 years and since we’re an international company, our smart design saves you shipping packaging and storage costs that transfer directly to your pocket. We hope you will have fun using our louvered roof system cost calculator and we will be happy to set up a free no obligation meeting for your project with one of our local dealers.

Louver Size/Dimension

This number will reflect your louver length (the moving parts in your system) our louver maximum length is 23ft long and minimum length is 10ft if you need it bigger than 23ft you will need to purchase 2 covers and there will be a way to connect them. If you need smaller than 10ft they can be cut. When the louvers are closed, they create a small gutter and the water will drain along the louvers. 95% of the time the pitch will be parallel to the louver length so your louvers will be perpendicular to your house. This number will reflect the length of your louvers.

Rafter Size

Solara rafters are the beams that hold the louvers and 95% of the time they will be parallel to the house. We have standard size for the rafters but they can easily connect to each other and create an infinity continued rafter. This number will determine the length of the rafter.

Post Count

This number will reflect the number of posts you need. The number of posts will be determined on minimum requirements such as snow load, wind load, the size of the cover and if it’s a free standing or attached to the house and also your design. Since the number of posts is very hard to determine online, we recommend to add a post for every 12ft of rafter length with a minimum of 2 posts and round that number up.

Roll formed louvered system

This determines the type of your louvered roof system. Roll formed louvers have been used worldwide more than 35 years and our unique engineering allows roll formed louver systems in any wind and snow loads. The roll formed louvers live load allows bigger spans and will make the louvered roof system more affordable.

Extruded louvered roof system

This determines the type of your louvered roof system. Solara extruded louvers are three times thicker than the roll formed louver and those are the thickest louvers on the market and are the only extruded louver system that has another layer of protection that offers vinyl seal technology. Our extruded louvers are recommended in extreme wind and snow load areas or for commercial louvered roof system where waterproofing is most important.


This determines the price for a pro installer. We highly recommend to go with a professional installer that can give you labor warranty and can also help with the design ordering and shipping process.


This determines the price for a DIY louvered roof system. A Do-it-yourself louvered roof system is an option; however, this should be the option only for customers that know their way around power tools and have done similar projects in the past. You will also need to take care of designing, ordering, and unload the crate of your louvered roof system.


This weather option will allow you to reinforce your louvered roof system. Without knowing your louvered roof system design and local building codes, it will be impossible to have the exact requirements and the spans needed however, if you live in an area with high wind or snow loads (think about the worst-case scenario in the last 15 years) we encourage you to choose this option.


This will determine if your louvered roof system will be motorized or manual. By choosing the motor option the price will estimate the minimum number of motors your louvered roof system will need. Please keep in mind, that we cannot know how many motors you will need and that will be determined on your specific project. Also, installation of the motor in your louvered roof system can vary depending on how far your power source is from our power supply, building codes and type of installation such as hard wiring, etc.


By choosing this option you will add a boxed look louvered roof system. Solara is the only manufacturer that allows you to choose between a traditional romantic louvered roof system look versus a sleek modern look. The box look is not required, it will be determined by your design and budget. It’s hard to determine the exact price for a boxed look and it will be determined by your spans, number of posts, your house finish such as stucco, siding, and how leveled it is. However, the louvered roof system calculator can give you a ballpark pricing.


This option will allow you to add a cell phone app to your Solara louvered roof system. This price will include the hardware and the free remote-control option that you will be able to use from any electronic device such as cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc. This option can only be added to a motorized louvered roof system and a good WIFI reception near your louvered roof system. The pro version that will allow you to sync your lovered roof system with the weather will be additional cost for a yearly subscription.


This option will add the Solara extruded support beam with the same finish of your rafters and louvers. Please keep in mind that it is very hard to determine how many beams you will need, this will be determined by your design and local building codes. The price will reflect the minimum quantity you will need.

A patio cover usually has two warranties:
  1. The manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. The installer’s warranty.
We suggest being a smart consumer and doing your due diligence to compare brands. This way, you can see which manufacturer stands behind its louvered roof system. Solara has the best warranty on the market. Post support beams and rafters have a lifetime warranty. Louvers have a 10-year warranty, while mechanisms like motors and manual operators have a 15-year prorated warranty. You can read more about it in the link below. Most manufacturers will not cover labor warranty, so that should be discussed with your installer.

Since patio covers are meant to protect you from the elements, such as direct sunlight, rain, and winds, they should be made of the best materials available to withstand any weather condition and last a long time. Wood patio covers can rot and get damaged by termites, steel patio covers can rust quickly, and vinyl patio covers can fade in the sun.

Aluminum patio covers are the best option on the market because aluminum doesn’t rust, rot, or get damaged by termites. Additionally, some aluminum patio covers have high-quality paint that lasts for many years.

For louvered roof systems with many moving parts, we recommend having a barrier between two aluminum moving parts to prevent corrosion. Solara uses durable and flexible fiberglass brackets with high UV resistance. This element was developed by NASA for spaceships. Other manufacturers use stainless steel pins (about four for each louver), and some of them have a regular plastic cover to prevent corrosion. However, these plastic covers tend to break easily, and then you will need to oil those pins. If you have 100 louvers, that means you will need to grease 400 different areas. We encourage you to speak with homeowners who have a louvered roof system for at least five years to get a list of their experiences.

Depending on the size of your patio cover, with 2 people, your cover should take 1 and 1/2 days to 2 days to install.

Yes, a patio cover and louvered roof system will definitely increase your property value. The investment you’re making will pay off when you sell your house. However, keep in mind that there will be some depreciation, and you may not get the full value for your patio cover. We recommend saving your invoice and showing it to your appraiser.

The short answer is 2-3 days, but it depends on the patio cover design and any obstacles you may face, such as windows or facia. If you need footing and pour new concrete, it will require an additional 2-3 days. Typically, a standard rectangle up to 300 sq ft should take 2 days for a professional crew of two.

Patio covers have different prices depending on the type, from lattice patio covers to motorized extruded louvered roof systems with a modern box look. The cost depends on the size of the installation, any obstacles, and the distance from the installer’s shop. Generally, a lattice patio cover should be around $20-30 per sq ft. Rolled form louvered roof systems should be $25-45 per sq ft, while extruded louvered roof systems should range from $30-70 per sq ft. If you have a small project without complications, make sure not to pay more than the quoted price.

No, Solara patio covers louvers are designed with small edges that allow raindrops to slide off and prevent them from creating loud noise. However, other brands may produce more noise during rainfall depending on the flatness of their louvers.

No, it is not recommended to walk on your patio cover, even with light body weight, as it can potentially damage the system.

Well, there isn’t a definitive answer to that as it depends on your specific needs, project design, and desired outcomes. However, a common starting point is a minimum size of 12×12 feet. It’s important to ensure that the shade provided by the cover adequately protects your sitting area as the sun moves, and that it offers sufficient protection from rain and wind, creating a dry space. Additionally, we recommend making your patio cover larger than your sitting area or larger than your concrete pavers to maximize shade and improve rain protection.

If your patio cover attaches to your house, it’s advisable to calculate a minimal foot over the side of your house (considering that much of the installation will be above your roof/ facia). You should also allocate an additional minimal foot over away from your house to increase shade coverage as the sun moves and provide better protection from rain during windy conditions. Allow for at least one foot of space on each side parallel to your house for the same reasons.

Yes, with the Solara louvered roof system, we can design and build almost anything you can imagine. There are minimal limitations on what can be achieved, including options for gable, round, triangle and curved louvered roof systems. If you prefer to stay within your budget, we also offer wonders with our standard sizes.

Yes and no. The product and benefits of a louvered roof system are remarkable. You will enjoy natural sunlight on cold sunny days, 100% shade and ventilation during hot weather, and protection from rain, snow, humidity, and wind. Additionally, you can save on your electric bill as your house and windows will be shielded from the elements. However, it’s crucial to ensure you are not overcharged. Some louvered roof systems on the market may try to charge over $150 per square foot, which is comparable to building a house with a kitchen and bathroom. Conversely, extremely cheap options may be of low quality or not made from aluminum, and may lack a reliable warranty. It’s important to choose a reputable local builder to construct your louvered roof system, as a poorly built structure can pose risks such as collapsing under snow or being susceptible to strong winds. Therefore, it is essential to avoid overpricing and ensure you’re getting a high-quality product.