Pergola Ideas 2023: Add Style and Shade to Your Backyard

pergola ideas California

If it feels like everyone either has or wants a pergola, but don’t have Pergola Ideas that’s because they likely do. Wayfair’s 2022 Outdoor Trends Watch noted that searches for pergola kits are up 369%, and not without reason.

Some Of The Many Reasons People Want Pergolas Include:

Outdoor Entertainment

Whether one has kids, doesn’t have the room, or just wants a place to play ping pong without the risk or noise level an indoor entertainment room has, outdoor entertainment structures are a popular solution.

Guest Space Additions

Also referred to as mother-in-law building, these spaces provide privacy for everyone through the use of a detached yet not remote living space just off the main house and the use of a patio cover or other addition can provide a fresh outdoor space for visitors or guests.

Pool Deck/Suntanning

A pool deck and/or suntanning area provides an at-home resort experience re-popularized after the pandemic due to its accessibility, affordability, and customization to personal needs and wants.  It also remains a popular aesthetic choice to boost home value and the overall appearance of the house and outdoor pool.

Outdoor Work Spaces

Increasingly, a need to escape the strict confines of the house but remain productive and close to home has pushed the growth of semi-outdoor work spaces that provide a natural and quiet environment to work in.

Pergola Ideas were commonly understood to be slatted roofed structures placed outdoors for shade and protection from the elements, but with a new push for dynamic design following the cramped and rigid living many experienced during the COVID-19 lockdown, traditional patio covers won’t do anymore.

Previously the main types of outdoor structures were classified as one of the following:

  • Pavilion/Gazebo: full coverage, solid roof structures
  • Pergola: half coverage or latticed patio cover

Instead of choosing between a patio cover with slats or a solid pavilion build, new technology can give customers the best of both worlds.  A louvered roof system, as pioneered by Solara, allows for a high-tech, customizable roof experience that provides the benefits of access to the outdoors but the control to cut off such access if necessary or wanted by the owner.

The Benefits Of This Louvered Roof System Include:

  • Do-It-Yourself or profession set up
  • Sun, rain, and wind control
  • Versatile building composition
  • Breeze and ventilation access

With a low-cost, louvered roof system, one can control the mechanized slats to allow the desired amount of sun, rain, etc… inside the structure.  This allows for a revolutionary new mode of indoor-outdoor house expansion.

An addition designed with this roof in mind can serve multiple purposes: an outdoor lounge, a study or work space outside of a noisy or cramped house, an outdoor guest space, a mixed-environment entertainment room, an outdoor movie theater, or just an at-home resort experience available 24/7.

The material for these outdoor structures varies among leading brands from plastic to wood to polycarbonate material, but with louvered roof covers aluminum is the leading material with its ability to withstand snow and wind load and still remain lightweight and durable.  

Aluminum is ideal because it is rust-free, strong, lightweight, and doesn’t need to be painted over multiple times like other metals.

Aluminum patio cover awnings, essentially a pergola connected to the main house, allows for an addition to be built onto the home without intruding on the actual house’s structure or space itself.  For example, the actual louvers from Solara are made from roll formed or extruded aluminum.  

Finding the Right Pergola Ideas for your outdoor structure is crucial to creating a durable, versatile, and affordable space that will suit all your needs. With Solara’s aluminum louvered system you can enjoy the benefits of a flexible and unique but cost-friendly design that will meet your needs regardless of whether you’re a working-from-home parent, a home-owner with aspirations of boosting your pool experience, or just someone looking for more shade when outdoors.