Patio covers and awnings for the winter

In winter, we want to be shielded from rain, yet we do not want to give up on the pleasant warm winter sun.

With the louvered system  system Solara has to offer, you can be sure you have a high quality adjustable patio cover in any weather.

The Solara smart shading system allows you to enjoy both worlds. Within seconds, by a push of a button, you can adjust the patio louvers angle. This means that on rainy days, you can convert the pergola into a steady roof, and on nice winter days you can open the louvers and let the natural sunlight pour in.

Other solutions resolve this dilemma by various means: open pergola, lattice patio cover, roof, or a canvas awning. A roof or awning can partially protect from the rain and moisture. A canvas awning cannot withstand high winds, meaning on stormy rainy days it would be left tucked away, and in effect, would not solve the problem.

A built fixed roof can withstand the wind and rain; however, on the nice sunny days when you want to enjoy natural sunlight, the roof will not let sunlight into the house. (Usually, the porch/deck stands next to a big window or sliding doors, through which the house is naturally lit.)

An open pergola or lattice patio cover lets the sunshine in on bright winter days, but leaves the deck, the outdoor furniture, and the front pathways (can get muddy and puddle) completely exposed to rain. [space size=”30″]