Live Load

Solara has been in the patio cover industry for over 25 years. We take pride in being able to offer our fantastic product across the world. Solara invented the roll formed louvered roof system more than 25 years ago.  Now, thousands of happy customers around the world are using the Solara roll formed louvered roof system.

One of the main benefits of using the roll formed louver veb15rsus the extruded louver is the fact that the roll formed louver system is very light weight (about 70% lighter) this smart engineering gives you almost the same benefit of the extruded louver but it allows you to use a light weight structure.  Engineering is simpler; the span can be larger because of the lighter live load.

If you do not have a commercial application like a restaurant, school, etc., the light live load of the roll forming louver will be an advantage for you.

Smart roofs for the deck and patio have the ability to open and close, thus allowing full protection from the rain and sunlight.

The patio cover louvers can be opened and closed as needed, so you can choose between an open or closed roof.

The louvers can tilt open to an angle of 130 º and can tilt shut to 0 º. This is just like having a built in roof. Naturally, any intermediate position can be maintained, allowing you to tune the shade light ratio to your liking at any time of day. This feature allows you to maximize the time sitting outdoors, under the patio cover, throughout the year. [space][featuredbox type=”left” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Tips” icon=”icon-right-hand” dp_animation=”fadeInLeft”]The patio cover roof can be divided into two separate controlled sections. This way when you are having a barbecue, the roof louvers over the grill can remain open, letting the smoke out, while your guests can sit under the closed section enjoying both air and shade.

The angle of the roof louvers can be adjusted manually or by using a remote control.
Also the roof louvers are made from the highest quality recycled aluminum making them a green roof or Eco-friendly roof. The aluminum metal roofs also require the least possible maintenance and can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.[/featuredbox]

Snow Load

We designed and engineered the Solara roll forming louvered roof system for the worst case scenario.

Even in the strongest winter in your area you shouldn’t worry about the slope or if you should leave your louvered roof open or closed.  If designed with our engineering, your cover should withstand any type of snow (our generic engineering is designed up to 30 pf (per square foot).

For example, if you have a 20×15 patio cover our system is designed to carry up to 9,000 pounds on your cover, open or closed.

We have been in the business for more than 25 years and we are the only international louvered roof system. Our louvered roof system, has seen the snow in the Swiss Alps, Bariloche in Argentina, Aspen Colorado, and upstate New York,however when there are heavy loads of snow on top of your louvered roof system, it should not be opened or closed.

Summer Patio CoverPrice

The Solara roll forming louvered roof system will give you all the benefits of a louvered system that can open and close.  It will allow you to use a light structure engineering that can withstand up to 150 mph and up to 30 pounds of snow per foot.  However, since our louver is engineered to be 70% thinner than any other extruded louver roof system, the price is very affordable.

With our affordable price on our roll forming louvered roof system you do not have to settle for a lattice cover that will not give you the protection from the elements. The lattice cover cannot give you 100% shade in the summer or 98% sunlight in the winter, with our affordable roll formed louver system you will not be forced to buy a very expensive louvered roof system that will hurt your budget.

The price of the roll forming louvered roof system will be between 40%-70% lower than the extruded louvered roof system.

* Our extruded and roll forming louvered roof systems use the same louver brackets, meaning that you can always replace the roll forming louvers with extruded louvers if you wish.

* Solara is the only manufacturer that offers extruded and roll forming louvered roof systems.

Other companies make you buy an expensive product that you probably do not need just because they do not carry the roll forming louvered roof system.  Solara recommends that you compare pros and cons as well as prices for every product so you can make the right choice for you.


Our roll forming louver has been in the market for more than 25 years and our system has been used across the entire world with all types of elements.

Our unique engineering for the roll formed louvers allows us a very high snow and wind load resistance while keeping a light live load.

What this means for you, is an affordable product that can be installed in almost any type of weather on almost any structure in any shape.

We have 6 standard colors for the roll formed louver.

Our unique design reduces the rain noise on your cover.

Our roll formed louver can be manufactured up to 23 ft long.

Our roll formed louvers are easy to install and we do not need to use any screws, you can just snap it in.

You can design it in any shape, round, waved, triangular, etc.

*About 95% of aluminum lattice covers are made from roll formed beams including post, support beams and headers.

Wind Load


The Solara roll forming louvered roof can withstand very high wind.Our generic engineering is designed up to 150 mph.Our roll forming louvered roof has been on the market for more than 25 years and all over the world in all types of weather, from the Carribbean to the Florida Coast, high wind in Houston, Texas and even tornadoes in Kansas.


Patio Cover InstallationFiberglass Louver Bracket


Manufacturing louvered roof systems for more than 25 years in any type of weather such as Arizona’s dry summer, Scandinavian freezing winter, Florida humidity, Amazon rain forest, has forced us to come up with a product that will last a lifetime in any type of weather and will pass permits in every country.

We at Solara are very proud of our engineered fiberglass bracket.  It is made from a special composite that was originally developed for NASA’s space vehicles and contains 30% fiberglass and has a high UV protection.

Our fiberglass louver bracket has been tested in an ICC approved laboratory and has passed all tests, UV protection, humidity and dry tests, flexibility, strength, and hardness.

The fiberglass louver bracket has been approved by various codes such as European IC, American ICC and IBC, the Israeli TAV-T, etc.

Our fiberglass louver brackets are designed to be light and allow us light live load engineering meaning better spans.

Our fiberglass louver bracket is UV protected and it is lifetime warranty.

Our fiberglass louver bracket will insulate the metal reaction between 2 metal parts and prevent corrosion.

Our fiberglass louver bracket is patented around the world and cannot be copied.

Our unique design allows us to connect the louvers without any screws.


* Some of the new manufacturers did not test their brackets and cannot guarantee the prevention of corrosion.  It is highly important for aluminum moving parts to be isolated from each other. For example, you can probably notice the corrosion corners of your aluminum shower doors.