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Visors for patio covers

Solara’s smart patio covers can be fitted with a visor as well. The visors provide extra protection from the sun’s radiation, and provide a broader area of shade.


Electric Motor

Solara’s smart patio cover can be fitted with an electric motor, which can be operated with the use of a remote control.

Unlike canvas awnings where the motor only shifts between two stages: roof open – roof closed, the Solara shading system’s motor controls the patio cover louvers and accommodates any choice of angle from 0º to 130º.

The motor operates at a voltage of 12 volts, so there is no risk of electric shock. It is also really safe in the event of a malfunction or power loss.

Electric Motor for Patio Cover


Solara Adjustable Patio Covers has an extensive assortment of colors so that you can pick your favorite color.

The wide variety of colors for the patio covers includes wood-like colors that can match the looks and color schemes of your house or garden.

For instance, colors can be combined as followed: the pillar and beams can be painted metallic and the roof in a desert crème.

Solara’s Standard Colors are as follows:

A smart wind and rain sensor will automatically detect rain and close up the pergola louvers protecting your outdoor patio furniture and patio area even if you are away home.

The smart wind and rain sensor will also detect high wind loads and will close the louvered roof system to protect your outdoor furniture and deck from dust and debris. The Louvers become as one strong complete unit when closed

Operate your new Solara Adjustable Patio Cover with a touch of a button. With optional electric motor accessories you get two remotes. One wall mount usually for inside the home and one hand held remote with a slide in bracket that can be mounted on an outside post or wall.

The remote will allow you the option of operating your new cover without even stepping outside.

The sleek new design remote allows you to operate up to six different motors at once or one at a time. This will allow you (if you have more than one motor the option of having sun or shade on any section of your choice. For instance you will have the luxury to have a BBQ on one side of your cover allowing the smoke to ventilate through our open louvered system while your guests are shaded from the sun on the opposite end.

We know you already have too many remote controls in your house, so with the Solara Adjustable Patio Cover, you will receive a wireless wall switch as well as a remote control.

Wood Grain

Solara Wood Grain Louvered Patio Cover System

Solara Wood Grain Patio Cover

Get the look of rich natural wood with durability and maintenance free convenience of aluminium.Great for any louvered roof application.Whether its rustic or contemporary wood matches just about everything.

For those of you who like the natural wood this is the way to go.


  • Solara adjustable patio cover is the only manufacturer that carries 3D wood grain color.
  • Our wood grain louvered roof system is designed to have a finished cedar look.
  • Many people have said you have to touch it to know it is not wood but maintenance free aluminum.
  • If you have existing wood posts or beams this is an excellent way to match the look.

Custom Design Patio Covers

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers not only manufactures and develops smart shading systems, but also

provides excellent service for its customers.

The company utilizes 3D cutting edge software, which allows you to not only plan and design your pergola, patio cover, or awning but also compute the percentage of shade you want at any given time of day and/or date.

For example: the sun’s angle varies by season. It is important to make certain that the patio cover is effective in every season. The simulation program allows you to see just that – the pergola’s effectiveness at any hour, day and month.

Using the pergola’s simulation program, you can virtually modify the height of construction, size of the pergola, etc. to see their effect on the amount of light and shade you receive.

Design Tip 1:
A pergola facing eastward will always receive sunshine in the morning. The same goes for a westward pergola in late afternoon. To enhance shading, you can add visors to the sides of the pergola in the simulation, and see their effect on morning and afternoon shading.

Design Tip 2:
The higher the patio cover, the less shade it provides.

Design Tip 3:
You can design your cover to fit on any existing structure.

Design Tip 4:
Design any shape, any curve, any size.

To start designing your very own cover

Using this smart service, you not only get a perfectly matched pergola designed according to your personal taste, but you can avoid unnecessary surprises.