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Extruded Louver

Our extruded louver is designed and engineered to carry and withhold heavy snow loads and high wind loads.Our extruded louver is the thickest louver on the market.  1.9mm. With more than 25 years of international manufacturing experience, we are the only company that can offer the vinyl seal technology. We have 4 standard colors, wood grain, and more than 1,000 custom colors. Our louver can be as long as 23ft long.

  • Extruded louver is designed for extreme wind and snow loads as well as commercial applications.
  • In most cases, the roll forming louvers will be more than sufficient.
  • The roll formed and extruded louver use the same louver brackets and therefore you will always be able to upgrade from roll formed to extruded louvers if desired.

Restaurant and hospitality industry

Solara Patio Cover System in the Caribbean

Solara Patio Cover System in the Caribbean

Now your customer can enjoy sunny days, rainy days, and pretty much any day on the patio.

With a touch of a button you will be able to control different parts of your sitting area and adjust the sunlight and shade.

For example, on a sunny summer day, you can adjust the louvered roof to give you 100% shade and keep the ventilation and the view of the blue sky.

On a nice spring day, you can have half of your restaurant with direct sunlight and half of the restaurant with 100% shade.  You can accommodate any of your customers needs.

On a sunny winter day, you can adjust the louvered roof system up to 98% direct natural sunlight in your outdoor  and indoor sitting area.

On a rainy snowy day, you can close the louvered roof system and use the outdoor seating area as well.

The feedback we have received from our clients is amazing.  Some of them even double or triple their sitting area and therefore their income.

Offices, Galleries And Sitting Areas

Give your employees and guests the benefit of enjoying your outdoor areas all year long. With a touch of a button, you can control the sunlight, ventilation, and get protection from the elements.

Increase the use of your outdoor space, and give your employees and guests the opportunity to enjoy and socialize outdoors.

Increase your productivity and team work atmosphere.

While using the Solara louvered roof system, you will also decrease your utility bills by shading or enlightening your exterior walls.

If you have any windows or glass doors facing your sitting area, your employees can even control the direct sun from their office with a switch of a button.



Restaurant 2


Smart roofs for the deck and patio have the ability to open and close, thus allowing full protection from the rain and sunlight.

The patio cover louvers can be opened and closed as needed, so you can choose between an open or closed roof.

The louvers can tilt open to an angle of 130 º and can tilt shut to 0 º. This is just like having a built in roof. Naturally, any intermediate position can be maintained, allowing you to tune the shade light ratio to your liking at any time of day. This feature allows you to maximize the time sitting outdoors, under the patio cover, throughout the year.

Open Mode Louvered System
Semi-Open Mode
Close Mode