Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

Restaurant & Hospitality Industries.

Now your customer can enjoy sunny days, rainy days, and pretty much any day on the patio.

With a touch of a button you will be able to control different parts of your sitting area and adjust the sunlight and shade.

For example, on a sunny summer day, you can adjust the louvered roof to give you 100% shade and keep the ventilation and the view of the blue sky.

On a nice spring day, you can have half of your restaurant with direct sunlight and half of the restaurant with 100% shade.  You can accommodate any of your customers needs.

Open and closed louvered roof system arizona
solara patio covers for commercial restaurant california

On a sunny winter day, you can adjust the louvered roof system up to 98% direct natural sunlight in your outdoor  and indoor sitting area.

On a rainy snowy day, you can close the louvered roof system and use the outdoor seating area as well.

The feedback we have received from our clients is amazing.  Some of them even double or triple their sitting area and therefore their income.