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DIY Patio Cover Kit

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Designing your louvered roof system is one of the most important stages.


There are a few things that you will need to take in consideration while designing the Solara adjustable patio cover.

The first thing required to do is to design it according to your snow load and wind load (mainly reflect the substructure such as posts, support beams and headers)

Once you’re aware of the snow and wind load limitations, you can start designing the louvered roof sytem according to your needs.

Designing and planning your dream patio cover


Unlike other patio covers that are designed to maximize your shade, the Solara adjustable patio cover is designed to maximize the direct sunlight you will get.  We will always try to design our louvers to open towards the sun since no matter which way you will direct our louver system, you will get 100% shade with a switch of a button.

We recommend to direct the opening of the louvers to the southwest or east, never to the north.

Our pattented rafter can be attached on both sides, meaning unlimited dimensions.  However, our louver can go up to 23 ft long, meaning if your dream patio cover 20ft x 40ft it will be easier to design it 40ft rafter x 20ft louvers.

You will receive less shade in a higher patio cover application than in a lower patio cover.

Keep in mind, that the sun is always on the move, it rises in the east and sets in the west through the south side.  The height of the sun also varies throughout the seasons, so when you design your patio cover, take in consideration.  For example, if your patio cover is facing west, you will always get sunlight through in the sunset.  To receive more shade you can add visors or extend your patio cover to the west.  Another example is, if your patio cover is facing south, the shade that you will receive will drastically change between sunset and sunrise.

If you have a big back yard, and you do not want to cover all of it,  you have to keep in mind not just practical needs, but also the atmosphere you want to create.  You will always want to cover your entire sitting area and leave some overhang.  Even if all of your guests are under shade, some of them may be found sitting with no louvered roof system over. To have the best hospitality environment you should consider your sitting area layout.

With the Solara louvered roof system, you can create as many controlled areas as you like. For example, one area will be separately controlled above the barbeque stand.  Another area will be separately controlled next the bay window, and the third area will be controlled over the sitting area.  On a sunny day this will give you the opportunity to open the barbeque stand cover for the smoke and smell, close the bay window area to let the kids watch tv without reflection inside the house, and have 80% shade for the sitting area.

For more design tips please click here

Solara patio covers are a great product and there is a few ways to order them.

1) Ordering through our authorized dealers around the country.

2) Ordering a Do it yourself kit directly through Solara.

3) Ordering a Do it yourself kit through your local authorized dealer.

Building your own Solara louvered roof system can be challenging, however this will save you money.

We always recommend to buy it and have it installed through our dealers, however if you feel that you are up to it, and will want to build your own patio cover, you will probably save between 20%-30% as oppose to buying it from an authorized dealer.

* A simple project like a rectangle or a square should take 2 men about 2 working days to install. (without footing included)



How To Build A Patio Cover

Building the Solara Adjustable patio cover shading system is relatively easy.  If you have done this kind of projects in the past.

If you consider yourself a handyman and have done similar projects like our louvered roof system, you will find our system very user friendly and easy to install, however if you are challenged when you have to hang a frame or switch a light bulb, this is probably not the project you want to start with.

If you would like to do it yourself, you can obtain a manual, and our technical support team will guide you through the process. Send us your patio cover plan with measurements along with any special notes and we will help you get the process started.

All of our DIY Kits come with all the materials you need to do it yourself. All you will need is the labor, screws and appropriate tools that can be found at your local home improvement store.

For details:

You can also order one of Solara’s authorized and licensed dealers to install and design the patio cover at your home.

Or, buy the DIY kit through one of our dealers, this way you will have somebody from your area that can support you through the project.

Tip 1:
The shading system can be mounted on any existing concrete, wood, or metal construction.


Let us assist you while you design your patio cover, pergola, awning or gazebo. We will also provide you with a free estimate and free engineering kit.


Both Solara roll formed and extruded louvered roof systems can be permitted.

Solara adjustable patio cover will supply a generic engineering that covers most scenarios in most types of weather that you can submit to your building official along with required drawing of your project.

Some cities, will accept Solara engineering over the counter, and some cities will ask to review it.

If your project is not following into Solara adjustable patio cover generic engineering, we can supply site specific with our engineer wet stamp that you can submit to your building official. (extra cost for site specific)