Solara Adjustable Patio Covers offers a diverse range of colors like wood-like tones and matte black that can seamlessly complement the aesthetics and color schemes of your home or garden. You will be able to choose your preferred shade with this wide selection of colors.
With Solara, you have the option to combine colors creatively. For example, you can paint the posts and beams with a metallic hue while going for a desert crème shade for the roof. With this, you can ensure that your patio cover harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding elements of your house or garden.

Solara’s Standard Colors are as follows:

White Color Extruded louver California
White Color
latte color extruded louver California
Latte Color
Gray color extruded louver California
Gray Color
Cameo color extruded louver California
Cameo Color
Adobe color Extruded louver California
Adobe Color
spanish brown  louvered roof system
spanish brown color

Design Tips

Bright colors often times create a perception of open space. To maintain a cohesive aesthetic, consider matching the patio cover poles with either the exterior walls or the window frames of your house. All colors undergo an oven application of aluminum coating to meet the world’s highest standard.