Extruded Louver

Our extruded louver is designed and engineered to carry and withhold heavy snow loads and high wind loads.Our extruded louver is the thickest louver on the market.  1.9mm. With more than 25 years of international manufacturing experience, we are the only company that can offer the vinyl seal technology. We have 5 standard colors, wood grain, and more than 1,000 custom colors. Our louver can be as long as 23ft long.

  • Extruded louver is designed for extreme wind and snow loads as well as commercial applications.
  • In most cases, the roll forming louvers will be more than sufficient.
  • The roll formed and extruded louver use the same louver brackets and therefore you will always be able to upgrade from roll formed to extruded louvers if desired.
louvered roof system color wakeforest