Custom Colors

Variety of Colors

Solara Adjustable Patio Cover offers a wide range of color options, allowing you to select your preferred shade.

Our extensive assortment includes various colors enabling you to find a perfect match for your house or garden aesthetics. For example, you can combine colors in the following manner: paint the posts and beams with a metallic hue, while opting for a desert cream shade for the roof. This color combination creates a visually appealing contrast and complements the overall design of your patio cover.

Solara’s Standard Colors are as follows:

White Color Extruded louver California
White Color 1
latte color extruded louver California
Latte Color
Gray color extruded louver California
Gray Color
Cameo color extruded louver California
Cameo Color
Adobe color Extruded louver California
Adobe Color
Extruded Louvers California

Design Tips

It is best to paint the roof louvers in neutral bright tones, like crème (bright colors inspire a sense of open space), and to have the patio cover poles match the exterior walls or the house’s window frames.

All colors are oven applied with an aluminum coating to meet the world’s highest standard.