Patio Cover and Awnings for the Summer

As summer approaches we seek shade and enjoy the pleasant breeze outdoors. Most shading solutions that available offer partial enjoyment of both shade and breeze.

Open pergolas or lattice patio covers cannot provide 100% of the shade you want during the hot summer days, but they do allow for maximum airflow, as the warm air is released upwards out the open cover.

Awnings provide 100% shade, or 100% light. Awnings can also block the amount of possible airflow you receive, and can result in a stuffy atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect in large areas.

An example of good airflow is if you open two windows in two different areas of your home. You immediately feel the difference in the amount of airflow that is created.

The Solara smart shading system provides you with the ultimate solution. At any given time according to the sunrays’ direction, you can control and adjust the amount of shade you want from the smart shading system.

But there is no need to relinquish a cool breeze and ventilation. By opening up Solara’s patio louvers, you can enjoy both 100% shade and a free airflow.

Solara aluminum petgula arizona