At Solara, we believe in creating outdoor spaces that elevate your lifestyle while minimizing your environmental impact and maintenance upkeep. Our pergola are a perfect blend of style and sustainability, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious individuals and businesses.

Our pergola are designed to reduce sunlight infiltration, leading to significant energy savings during all seasons. Enjoy cooler and more comfortable outdoor spaces without relying on misting systems and fans.

We take pride in using aluminum with 20-30% recycled content, which not only makes our pergola durable but also contributes to resource conservation. Furthermore, aluminum is 100% recyclable, ensuring a greener future and reducing waste.

Our innovative rainwater and snow diversion system directs water away from your outdoor area and channels it to your lawns and gardens, promoting water conservation and lush plant growth.

Maintaining the beauty of our pergola is effortless, requiring only soap and water. You won’t need harsh chemicals, ensuring a safer outdoor space for children and pets.

By choosing our eco-friendly pergola, you’re not only enhancing your outdoor experience but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric pergolas are used as outdoor structures operated by a motor to help create a comfortable outdoor living space to enjoy.

Aluminum pergolas with louvered roofs can bring a touch of style to your outdoor patio enhancing and elevating the aesthetic appeal of your home’s backyard. Another advantage is that you can personalize shading protection to your liking and needs and it will provide protection from the elements for your outdoor furniture and plants. This pergola is also energy efficient therefore your energy bill will be much more considerable.

When the louvers are in a closed position, the pergola roof forms a solid barrier keeping rainwater out, providing the protection needed to shelter from rain and snow.

Yes, the adjustable nature of the louvers allows you to regulate the levels or sunlight and airflow you get, so you will be able to tailor your outdoor experience according to prevailing weather conditions. This versatile feature ensures that you can fully relax and make the most of your outdoor space regardless of the elements.

Rain/wind sensors are devices that will automatically close the louvers on a louvered roof system when rainfall or wind is detected. Rain/wind sensors use national weather data and algorithms to calculate the probability of rainfall or high winds in the area. These devices can be adapted to different weather conditions, and it can be programmed to react to the settings it was configured to.

When the rain sensor detects rainfall it sends a message to motherboard connected with the motor and the motor will automatically close the louvers, creating a solid closed roof to protect pets, outdoor furniture, plants, etc, from water.

An automatic louvered roof temperature sensor functions as your own personal meteorologist dedicated to monitor your outdoor living area. When ice is forming outside, the sensor will automatically measure the temperature in the area and if it’s cold enough it will close the louvers to prevent frost build up. When the weather is extremely hot, the sensor will close the louvers to a position where you will receive 100% shade and ventilation for airflow to create that nice cool breeze. Whether you’re dealing with a heatwave or a snowstorm, your louvered roof will be ready to handle it!