Louver Bracket

Louver Brackets

At Solara, we bring you the pinnacle of innovation in the world of deck pergola with our exceptional fiberglass louver brackets. 30 years of industry experience gave us the knowledge to designed a louver system that can endure the harshest of weather conditions, from the scorching summers of Arizona to the freezing winters of Scandinavia and the relentless humidity of Florida.

Our pride and innovation shine through in our meticulously crafted aluminum pergola’s fiberglass brackets, formulated with a remarkable 30% fiberglass content and NASA-developed composite materials, ensuring unrivaled durability and superior UV protection. This patented product is truly one-of-a-kind, and is not replicated on any other covered pergola product in the world.

Solara’s fiberglass louver brackets have undergone rigorous testing and earned ICC-approved laboratory recognition. They have successfully passed stringent assessments for UV protection, humidity resistance, dry conditions, flexibility, strength, and hardness. Compliant with various international codes, including the European IC, American ICC and IBC, and the Israeli TAV-T, our lightweight design comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing a pergola solution that is built to last.

Discover the exceptional benefits of Solara’s Fiberglass Louver Brackets for your shaded pergola and elevate your outdoor space with the pinnacle of innovation and durability.