Welcome to Solara’s Automatic Pergola – Where Innovation Meets Outdoor Comfort!

At Solara, we take pride in redefining your outdoor living experience with our exceptional modern pergola designs. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of our louvered roof pergola.

Discover the exceptional versatility of Solara’s patio pergola with two distinct louver options:

  • Roll Forming Louver:  Trusted for over 30 years globally, our Roll Forming Louver is the ideal choice for all weather conditions. Lightweight yet resilient, it effortlessly handles heavy snowfall and high winds, offering you five standard colors to choose from.
  • Extruded Louvers:  For the most demanding climates, our Extruded Louvers shine. Crafted from 100 percent recyclable aluminum, they’re designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads, making them perfect for commercial applications. These are the thickest louvers on the market at 1.9mm. You can choose from 5 standard colors or select from over 1,000 custom colors.

What Makes Solara’s Extruded Louvers Stand Out?

Our Extruded Louvers offer an exclusive vinyl seal technology that prevents 98% of rainwater and snowfall leaking through your cover, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space even on a rainy day. The vinyl seal is ingeniously attached to the extrusion via a protruded channel, utilizing a level fin attachment technology that makes it easy to remove and install as needed. Shaped like a bulb, this vinyl seal maximizes its effectiveness by creating a secure seal when it makes contact with the adjoining louver.

Solara’s patio pergola’s vinyl seal is designed to provide a second layer of defense against the elements, and it’s UV protected to ensure durability and longevity. What truly sets our Solara extruded louver roof pergola system apart is that it’s the only one on the market with the technology to provide this innovative vinyl seal.

At Solara, we understand that your outdoor space is a sanctuary. That’s why both our louver options can extend up to 23ft and feature a unique design that reduces rain noise on your cover, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere. Elevate your outdoor space with Solara’s pergola covers – the epitome of durability and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solara aluminum louvered pergolas have the perfect blend of versatility and customization. Each Solara aluminum pergola is crafted to suit the unique requirements and specifications of the customer. Solara’s commitment to personalization ensures that every pergola seamlessly integrates into its surroundings. With a large variety of size options Solara is designed to cater to any aesthetic. We are dedicated to precise craftsmanship; this means there is no space too small or too big for the Solara aluminum pergola.

Yes! Investing in a Solara aluminum louvered pergola is a clear decision for those who prioritize quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in their outdoor living space. The Solara automatic and electrical pergolas ensure years of enjoyment and durability since they are made of high-grade recyclable aluminum. They are ideal for any climate or weather condition and provide comfort and convenience year-round. With Solara pergolas, the investment is not just in the structure, but in the lifestyle defined by comfort, and timeless beauty for years to come.

The Solara motorized pergola is one of the most silent louvered pergolas on the market. Solara offers the remarkable benefit of a serene outdoor experience without disruptive noise, and it was designed with quietness in mind. The whisper-quiet functionality adds to the overall enjoyment of your outdoor space, allowing you to relax, entertain ro work without any unwanted loud mechanical sounds.

Solara aluminum louvered pergolas stand out for their exceptional waterproof design. Made of high-quality aluminum material, these pergolas are resistant to rust, corrosion and degradation, ensuring long-lasting durability. When closed, these pergolas with louvered roofs create an interlocking, watertight seal that provides full coverage from the rain and the elements. Our extruded louvers have an extra layer of protection from leaking with an innovative vinyl sealant as the edge of the louvers. This feature allows you to enjoy your outdoor seating area and protects your furniture and decor while keeping your dry regardless of the weather conditions.

The final cost of the motorized pergola is determined by multiple factors depending on the project’s size and customizations.

The maximum dimensions of the Solara aluminum pergola can vary depending on the location and area where the project will be installed. For specifications on the maximum sizes, please contact a local Solara specialist near you.

Whether you prefer a standalone structure to define a specific area in your backyard or if you’re looking to extend your living space with a pergola seamlessly integrated with your home’s exterior, Solara’s innovative construction allows for both options.

When the louvered pergola is closed, there is no light transmission. When it’s closed completely you have 100% shade, however if you wish to have shade and a small amount of sunlight, you can open your pergola louvers partially. The greatness of the Solara pergola is that you can adjust your louvers to receive as much shade or sunlight as you want.

The innovative design of the solara pergola allows you to control the level of direct sunlight you want to filter through whether it is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere using the sun’s natural listh or if you would rather have shade for hot sunny days. The Solara aluminum pergola is an ideal choice for outdoor areas where maintaining brightness is important while still enjoying protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

The Solara does not come with lights; however, lights can be added as an accessory after the installation. You can consult with your local Solara specialist to see what options they have on lighting inserts.

In the hot summer months, you can enjoy your Solara automatic and motorized pergola by adjusting the louvers to receive your desired shade. When the louvers are slightly opened you will receive shade while still getting ventilation flow for that nice breeze. This ensures optimal comfort while using your aluminum pergola even in the hottest conditions.

Cleaning and maintaining the Solara aluminum pergola is very easy and requires minimal effort. Simply washing your system with mild soap and water periodically will keep it looking pristine. The high-quality aluminum used for the Solara pergola is resistant to corrosion or fading, therefore the need for frequent upkeep and maintenance is eliminated allowing homeowners to spend more time outdoors enjoying their patio.

Not only is the Solara pergola designed for protection from the sun, but it is also designed with heat-resistant properties which ensure a comfortable outdoor experience. The aluminum absorbs the heat from the sun, ensuring you the maximum amount of shade and ventilation.