Solara Patio Cover-Technical Details

Technical Details

Solara Patio CoverTechnical Details

Smart roofs for the deck and patio have the ability to open and close, thus allowing full protection from the rain and sunlight.

The patio cover louvers can be opened and closed as needed, so you can choose between an open or closed roof.

The louvers can tilt open to an angle of 130 º and can tilt shut to 0 º. This is just like having a built in roof. Naturally, any intermediate position can be maintained, allowing you to tune the shade light ratio to your liking at any time of day. This feature allows you to maximize the time sitting outdoors, under the patio cover, throughout the year.

Open Mode Louvered System
Semi-Open Mode
Close Mode

Use of a special alloy and modern engineering enable particularly wide openings in accordance with the strictest standards. Solara patio cover roofs may be installed on an existing frame, such as wood, metal, concrete, etc.

Solara patio covers can be used on commercial and residential properties. They can be designed for any business or home and add great value to a property. Upgrade an existing structure or improve any home with the design of a Solara Patio Cover.

Custom design your very own patio cover, and choose from a selection of colors, shapes, materials, columns, posts, etc.

Patio Cover
Patio Cover
Patio Cover



Solara Adjustable Patio Covers not only manufactures and develops smart shading systems, but also provides excellent service for its customers.

The company utilizes 3D cutting edge software, which allows you to not only plan and design your pergola, patio cover, or awning but also compute the percentage of shade you want at any given time of day and/or date.

For example: the sun’s angle varies by season. It is important to make certain that the patio cover is effective in every season. The simulation program allows you to see just that – the pergola’s effectiveness at any hour, day and month.

Using the pergola’s simulation program, you can virtually modify the height of construction, size of the pergola, etc. to see their effect on the amount of light and shade you receive.

To start designing your very own cover write:

Using this smart service, you not only get a perfectly matched pergola designed according to your personal taste, but you can avoid unnecessary surprises.

How To Build A Patio Cover

Building the Solara Adjustable patio cover shading system is extremely easy and very simple.

If you would like to do it yourself, you can obtain a manual, and our technical support team will guide you through the process. Send us your patio cover plan with measurements along with any special notes and we will help you get the process started.

All of our DIY Kits come with all the materials you need to do it yourself. All you will need is the labor and appropriate tools that can be found at your local home improvement store.

For details:

You can also order one of Solara’s authorized and licensed dealers to install and design the patio cover at your home.

Patio Cover Installation

The patio cover is hermetically sealed and completely waterproof, subject to installation and site conditions. The Solara aluminum patio covers are maintenance free and will never rust or rot.

Water Proof Patio Cover
Water Proof Patio Cover

Engineering Packet for Solara Architect Auto Cad Files for Solara Patio Cover

In this page you can find some of our more professional data for our Adjustable Patio Covers.

Auto CAD File for Solara Patio Covers

This auto cad file contains 10’x10’ patio cover. 10’x12’ patio cover, and 12’x12’ you can download directly to your data base our patio cover design and dimension and the contact information.

Download Auto Cad File (.zip)

Engineering Packet for Solara Patio Covers

With this file you can download the engineering packet for the Solara Patio Covers that will help you design it for snow loads and wind loads in your area. It will also help you determine the span between the rafters, posts and support beam.

Download engineering packet (.pdf)


Site Specific Engineering

For more complex and unique design patio covers or to use a different structure than the standard Solara aluminum structure, such as metal, wood, concrete structure etc. You can ask for the site specific engineering packet.

Free 3 Dimensioned Designs for Patio Cover Plans

Solara Designer can supply you with a 3D Drawing that will help you visualize better our system. You can also show your clients how their backyard will look like. Solara Designer can even show in the drawing where the sun is going to be located in each date and hour of the year. Please see pictures below. In order to get the 3D Patio Cover plan you will need to send us a 2 Dimension Sketch of the patio cover with dimensions, a zip code and an arrow on the sketch that will indicate where north is, $75 check (when the patio cover will be ordered you will receive the $75 back in credit).

Some important facts about the Solara Patio Cover system that can help you design it better:

  • The Solara Patio Cover System weighs approximately 1.2lbs/sf
  • You can design the Solara Patio Cover system between 10-70 psf (wind load and snow load)
  • The posts support beam and rafters are made from extruded aluminum
  • The Solara Louvers are made from roll formed aluminum
  •  The Solara Rafters can be attached up to infinity however the Solara Louver cannot be longer than 23’ long
  •  To design the Solara System to be water proof you will need a slope, the bigger the slope is the better the water proof will be
  • You can design almost any curve that you want for your patio cover (triangle, round, gable)
  • You can design your patio cover on almost any kind of structure such as aluminum, metal, concrete, etc.

For any additional information, or help with planning or design, or whatever you may need please contact us.


The patio cover is a product that is kept outdoors, unshielded in any kind of weather. It can be exposed to rain, humidity, and direct sunlight. Therefore it is very important to consider the amount of maintenance needed to keep it in pristine shape.

All of Solara’s Shading Systems are made out of aluminum, so maintenance is minimal. Easy cleaning with just soap and water.

The Solara Awning is all made out of Aluminum

The Solara Awning is all made out of Aluminum

Unlike wood patio covers, the Solara Shading System is termite proof and will never rot or have to undergo painting.

Unlike other metal patio covers, the Solara Shading System will never rust or have to be repainted.

With Solara’s smart patio cover, you can really sit back and relax in the shade or sun.