Custom Design Patio Covers

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers excels in both the production of intelligent shading systems and the provision of top-notch customer service.
Employing cutting-edge 3D software, the company empowers you to not only conceptualize and plan your pergola, patio cover, or awning but also calculate the desired percentage of shade at any specific time or date.
For instance, considering the sun’s varying angles throughout the seasons is crucial to ensuring the patio cover’s effectiveness year-round. The simulation program allows you to assess the patio cover’s performance at any hour, on any day, and in any month.
Through the simulation program, you can virtually adjust construction height, size, and other parameters to observe their impact on the light and shade levels.

Design tips:

Design Tip 1:

For a patio cover facing east, expect morning sunshine, and similarly, a westward-facing patio cover receives afternoon sunlight. Enhance shading by experimenting with visors in the simulation, observing their effects on morning and afternoon shade.

Design Tip 2:

Higher patio covers offer less shade.

Design Tip 3:

The versatility of designing your cover to fit onto any existing structure

Design Tip 4:

Freedom to design any shape, curve, or size.

With this intelligent service, you not only achieve a patio cover tailored to your preferences but also steer clear of unwelcome surprises.
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