Smart roofing systems for decks and patios offer the flexibility to open and close, providing complete protection from both rain and sunlight.

The louvers of the patio cover can be easily adjusted, allowing you to switch between an open or closed roof as per your preference. With the ability to tilt from 0º to 130º, these louvers function like a built-in roof, allowing you to customize the shade and light levels at any time of the day. This also enhances your outdoor experience under the patio cover throughout the entire year.

The louvered roof system can be split into two independently controlled sections while still looking seamless whether it’s operated by a motor or manual. This is especially useful during a barbecue, as you can keep the louvers over the grill open for smoke ventilation, while guests enjoy sitting under the closed section with a comfortable blend of air and shade.

You have the option to manually adjust the angle of the roof louvers or use a convenient remote control for the same purpose. Additionally, the louvers are crafted from high-quality recycled aluminum which makes them environmentally friendly or a “green” roofing solution. These aluminum roofs boast minimal maintenance requirements and can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

The adjustable louvered roof system phoenix


The louvered roof system has endless modes from fully opened to fully closed in a few seconds so you can control it any way you want, here a few most common modes:

1. Fully Closed – The louvers will be fully closed and will give you protection like a roof from wind, snow, rain, humidity and high winds.

2. Slightly Opened – The louvers will be opened to a 10% opening mode. This will allow you 100% shade and ventilation. The hot air will flow through the louvers and you will get a chimney effect. This mode will be good for hot sunny days and it will feel like you’re sitting under a tree.

3. Opened 90 degrees – The louvers will be opened to allow maximum sunlight penetration. Your patio and your house can get up to 98% of direct natural light and natural heat. This mode will be the best in sunny cold winter days.